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The Griffins finally arrive in the Play Store and App Store, let's help them rebuild Quahog

Finally iGriffin arrives on the App Store and Google Play Store with the Family Guy: Mission for Glory game

Griffin Android

After a long wait, finally the Griffin game arrives for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store and App Store, but there are the usual in-app purchases.

TinyCo has finally the official Griffin game has been published in the Play Store and on the App Store, a title that takes up the management genre very closely, projecting the player into the city of Quahog to help America's wackiest family rebuild it, accidentally destroyed by Peter Griffin. In essence this game very similar to that of the Simpsons, already available for several months and highly appreciated by users.

In Family Guy: Mission for glory you will find all the main protagonists grappling with a new, exciting and important mission: to realize Peter's greatest dream.Too bad there are the usual annoying and expensive in-app purchases, needed to unlock certain game features and continue through the levels. Here is a brief description.

After another epic battle with the giant chicken, Peter Griffin accidentally destroyed Quahog! Play for FREE and gather your favorite characters (even Meg) to save the city in an exhilarating new adventure from the authors of The Griffins. Or do nothing, and you will regret it forever!

As mentioned, the gameplay practically very similar to the Simpsons Springfield game and through an isometric view we will have to rebuild entire neighborhoods, interact with the various characters of the series and relive a new adventure written by the original authors. Obviously there will be various customizations for the protagonists, enemies to fight like pirates who will try to conquer the city and finally many funny animations also taken from the TV series.

Griffin Android Screen

Below we briefly summarize the main onesfeatures:

  • free! Damn free? Cool!
  • Create a Quahog that lives on your pants sizes
  • Unlock fun outfits for characters like Peter Sirena, Quagmire Bikini-Clad, and Rambo Lois
  • Force characters to take on ridiculous missions
  • Keep Quahog safe from pirates, bad chickens, and other invasions
  • Create your Peter-sized city with decorations like the Peteropter, the Peterodactyl, and the Peterdove
  • Unlock hundreds of brand new and classic animations

As mentioned, the game has some purchases In-app which can also be disabled from the device settings. Of course, however, without in-app purchases, you will have trouble continuing the game and can proceed much slower.

Also available in Italian as well as other languages, of course there is no shortage of the usual paid content to proceed faster in the game.

Here also thetrailerposted on YouTube:

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