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Down N ’Out, Pokémon burgers arrive in Australia

Down N Out, a popular Australian burger bar, is attempting to ride the Pokmon explosion due to the popularity (waning) of Pokmon Go by offering some characteristic Pokmon burger sandwiches in its restaurant, closely inspired by some of the most famous Nintendo debris.

The three sandwiched Pokmon are Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmande. The burgers have been made specifically in limited edition by mixing specific dyes with bread, also ipokemon burger include ingredients that can be associated with each character, both from the chromatic point of view, both for the characteristics of the Pokmon.

pokemon burgerAccording to what reported by Down N Out, the first round of pokemon burger sold out in a few minutes. The patrons rushed to the venue, located in Sydney, to grab their Pokmon, this time not with the dedicated app but directly with their jaws. The success of the initiative, albeit reduced given the size of the business, once again highlights the enormous flywheel effect that can be attributed to the success of Pokmon Go.

Although declining compared to the first weeks since its release on Google Play and App Store, the application has contributed to giving a strong boost to pokemania, generating sales and revenues indirectly not only for other sectors of the pokmon business but also for all the small and large companies that have successfully tried to ride the media exposure of the phenomenon.

pokemon burger