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Domino's Pizza delivers pizzas with drones to New Zealand

The New Zealand branch of the US pizza chain Dominos Pizza has announced that it has partnered with Flirtey, the US drone delivery service, to start delivering pizzas "by air".

The two companies recently successfully conducted a delivery test before the New Zealand civil aviation authority and the country's transportation minister, Simon Bridges. Flirtey has conducted similar experiments in the United States, bringing home Slurpees, snacks, medical supplies for hospitals and snacks for 7-Eleven, but it is unclear whether the company will be able to regulate its activities when the US standards for commercial drones enter. in force at the end of the month.

domino pizza drone 2

This is not the first time that Domino's Pizza has used small aircraft, already tested in the UK and Greece, for deliveries, but this seems to be the first step towards the activation of a commercial service for regular customers, which is not active today, and which will perhaps be the first in the world.

After all, Domino is testing several automated robotic systems in order to do without human personnel: he recently showed how it is possible to deliver pizzas with robots in Australia; Added to this is the software for ordering through an application of the company, and a pizza maker robot, technologies that in the future could make the use of humans totally superfluous.

Below the video of the delivery of the pizza via drone.