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Does Apple have the right weapons to hunt 95%?

Does Apple have the right weapons to hunt 95%? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Let's look at the example that Nasdaq gave us last Wednesday: a tumbler of the AAPL stock that up to about two hours after the closing of the stock market negotiations was close to -12%, and then, at 4 pm in New York City, go to bounce down to -7% equivalent to $ 21.96. Institutional shareholders, those able to move large masses of investments and therefore decide the market, seem to have listened carefully to the words of Steven Ventura, analyst of Merril Lynch, and to have Not only does Ventura let us know that Apple's already known problems in producing an adequate number of new LCD iMacs would prove heavier than expected (5,000 pieces in January and a variable number between 5,000 and 10,000 pieces in February) but there are also security doubts: "there could be problems with the radiation emitted by the new computer and this would be the cause of the slowdown in production". On rumors (as much as "natural or limbs ficiali "we leave it to you to judge) you cannot build castles of cards and we await official news on the matter, but as for the units produced it must be said that these are numbers, and on this there is little to deny. Apple's stated intentions are to conquer the remaining 95% of the market, with its current 5% proudly equal to the share that prestigious German car brands (BMW and Mercedes) have on the total of cars sold globally. Taken note that Apple computers are excellent , let us say the best (at least, in our opinion), one wonders if all the efforts necessary to achieve the goal have been made. What hopes to invade the world with its products can have an excellent craftsman if he continues to build in the family plant together with a handful of faithful helpers, always those? The industrial dilemma of producing quantity and quality at low cost has come to an end and seems to m to obstruct its limits. Certainly Apple is not comparable by means of the craftsman mentioned above but whatever the problem (few plants, few staff, few raw materials or even safety problems), it must run for cover because they are beginning to lose credibility announcements of new excellent products, accompanied by the availability "today" and then the iMac LCD

presented at the beginning of January, only a few copies arrived this week (a month and a half later) in the Italian sales channels (but not very different also in the rest of Europe) .And as much as you want to do like the three little monkeys ( I don't see, I don't hear, I don't speak), to tell the harsh truth there is the Nasdaq with its ups and downs every day, and that is the truth that matters to the shareholders, even beyond all the good intentions of this planet .

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