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Documents To Go: Office functionality in the pocket with iPhone and touch

DataViz continues to integrate new features into the Documents To Go productivity package for iPhone and touch now available in two versions. Both offer advanced support for creating and editing Word documents, and the more expensive version also offers support for attachment management for professional users using Microsoft Exchange. If we fall into the latter case and wish to be able to completely manage attachments and documents from iPhon and touch, let's take a look at this version of Documents To Go at a price of 7.99 euros. If instead we do not use Microsoft Exchange and we are interested in productivity on our paperback we can buy this version at the price of 3.99 euros.

The support offered for the management of the complete Word files and also includes advanced features usually not provided by the programs for mobile productivity. In addition to viewing, it is possible to edit and create Word files from scratch including the main text formatting, the choice of automatic bulleted and numbered list alignment, tables and graphs management, word count, the search and replace function and so on. In practice, all the main commands and functions, even the most used on the computer, are now available to us on the iPhone and touch to correct and create documents everywhere.

Users who purchase Documents To Go for iPhone / touch can download a free application for Mac and PC that, working in combination with the software for the pocket, allow to synchronize entire folders and sub folders of documents, as well as individual important files, to always have under hand the most urgent and most useful material. Word documents edited on Mac or pocket are automatically synchronized via Wi-Fi to be sure of always working on the latest version. In addition to this, Documents To Go allows you to view practically all the main documents stored in the most popular formats, not only for Word, but also Excel worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and even files created with iWork '08.

Documents To Go without attachment support for Microsoft Exchange available on the App Store for 3.99 euros. With the professional version proposed at 7.99 euros, you can send and receive any document in the supported formats. In addition to storing and viewing the documents attached to emails, depending on the type of file, it is also possible to modify the contents.

DataViz declares that those who purchase Documents To Go will now be entitled to the free update which will significantly extend the compatibility and integrated functions.