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"Doctor's advice": ask a real doctor for health advice from an iPhone, iPod …


Concerned about your health? Get advice from the doctor, this time to do it from the App

Advice from the Doctor: the first app that allows you to open advice to doctors

I would like to point out today a very useful and interesting application dedicated to all owners of iPhone, iPod and iPad.I recommend a newly arrived program from the doctor Apple App Store which allows users to directly contact a doctor true to ask for advice and quick advice for any type of problem.

In practice, directly from your device Apple, you can contact a doctor and ask for assistance in case of need. Clearly, since these are very delicate subjects, you can only ask for advice and assistance outside emergencies (for those you have to call an ambulance), but this is a really interesting and in my opinion useful program, which avoids you unnecessary searches on Google and above all it provides you with answers that are certainly more precise and reliable than those that you could find on any search engine.

Normally, in fact, we Italians do this: when we have any health problem, even a simple headache, we try on Google a possible solution to the problem. After opening the first two results, we find that we could even die within 10 minutes and we get scared by panicking. Here, this application wants to avoid all this: it puts you in touch with a real doctor who analyzes the problem (as far as it is possible to do it via chat) and advises you what to do and how to behave. Research shows that 80% of people who have doubts about their health, or that of their loved ones, seek medical information online but what is often unreliable and contradictory or otherwise difficult to find.Advice from the doctorinstead, an innovative solution to this problem: the possibility of finding reliable information, easily, quickly and at a limited cost.

In essenceAdvice from the doctor a private chat that allows you to have a pool of doctors 24 hours a day, every day of the week, ready to give advice and answer doubts about your own or loved ones' greetings.

The application offers adirect access to the medical communityalready composed of more than 300 specialists. The customer has the possibility to ask a question in a private, confidential and anonymous way and to receive the advice of different doctors on his phone. All this, of course, not free: which doctor (and any other person) would work for free? To use the Doctor's advice program and request assistance, the costs are not very low: in addition to having to download the paid program, in fact, you must also pay 3.59 to ask a direct question to the doctor. The idea is certainly interesting, but many people prefer to pick up the phone and call the doctor they trust (or their doctor friend) rather than relying on an application that must also be paid for.

At the cost of one5.49 you can purchase a consultation online through a chat for48 hourswith a doctor of your choice and, at a higher cost, you can request that the chat starts within one hour of the request. Here too, as we can see, the costs continue to rise for each additional service that is required.

A very positive thing, however, that once we receive the answers from the doctors, whose profiles are widely reviewed and every user required to judge in order to make the service more effective.

However, the possibility of sending and receiving is interesting attachmentsall while keeping their profile confidential and anonymous: in this way users can send more precise photos or details to help the doctor solve the problem.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the Doctor's advice was not born with the spirit of replacing the traditional medical examination, but simply to give professional and clear information to the multitude of people who, before booking a visit, seek information on the internet, often falling into incomprehensible and dubious professionalism.

If interested, the application available at the price of 0.89, with the option to purchase private chats, advice and priority chats separately.

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