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Do not update Sky Go for iPhone, iPod and iPad to version 2.6.1 if you have …


The version of Sky Go 1.6.1 for iPhone, iPod and iPad no longer works if you have the jailbreak: do not update

The epic continues for the viewing of Sky Go on iPhone, iPod and iPad with Jailbreak. The update to the version 2.6.1 of Sky Go, released a few days ago on the App Store, again blocks the display of Sky channels on devices equipped with jailbreak.

At the moment there is no solution to this problem and it is impossible to get around it:

  • if you update Sky Go to version 2.6.1 the program detects the jailbreak and does not work
  • if it doesn't update Sky Go to version 2.6.1 the program does not work equally because it requires updating.

In practice in both cases to date impossible to watch and use Sky Go on iPhone, iPod and iPad with jailbreak.

The only thing to do is wait: the guys from BiteYourApple are already at work to update the tweak that allows you to use Sky Go even on devices with jailbreak, but the work to be done long and complex, so do not expect a short-term solution.

For those who do not know the situation, however, I doa small summary: for Sky Go regulation, the service cannot be used on iPad, iPhone and iPod jailbroken. In practice, anyone who has the jailbreak (or the root in the case of Android) cannot see Sky Go on their device. Absurd, I know, but so.

With the old version of Sky Go 2.6 it was possible to get around this installing a tweak from Cydia, which still allowed to use Sky Go on iPhone, iPad and iPod with jailbreak:

With the release of version 2.6.1 of Sky Go, however, the tweak has been blocked again and there is currently no way around the blockade.

All users who have an iPhone, iPod and iPad with jailbreak, therefore, can not help but wait for the tweak to be updated. Hopefully it will come soon, I can't be without Sky Go.

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