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Coronavirus, Tim Cook promises aid to the Italian Civil Protection

Coronavirus, Tim Cook promises aid to the Italian Civil Protection – Tim Cook Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised support for the coronavirus issue, pledging to offer donations to the Italian Civil Protection and other initiatives on that side in Silicon Valley.

In a tweet, the CEO Apple writes: “It has never been so important to support each other. We are making a substantial donation that includes medical material destined for Civil Protection in Italy, to help heroic paramedics, medical personnel and volunteers who are working hard to protect and save lives. " In Italian, Cook concludes the tweet with "Vicini all '

As you know, in Italy on January 31, 2020 the Council of Ministers declared a state of emergency for six months as a consequence of the health risk associated with Coronavirus infection. The Head of the Department of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, has been entrusted with the coordination of the interventions necessary to face the emergency on the national territory. The main actions coordinated by the Head of the Department are aimed at the rescue and assistance of the population potentially affected by the infection, the strengthening of controls in airport and port areas, in continuity with the urgent measures already adopted by the Ministry of Health, on returning to Italy of citizens who are in countries at risk and the return of foreign citizens to countries of origin exposed to risk.

Apple has previously engaged in donations for the global response to COVID-19 – to help treat the sick and to help reduce the economic and community impact of the pandemic – which today reached $ 15 million in total. the world.

Tim Cook also previously announced that Apple will automatically double employee donations to support COVID-19's response efforts locally, nationally and internationally.

In the letter sent to employees a few days ago, Cook wrote: "There is no doubt about the challenge right now. The entire Apple family is grateful to the heroic first responders, doctors, nurses, researchers, public health experts and public officials from around the world who have dedicated all their energy to helping the world deal with this moment. We still don't know for sure when the greatest risk will be behind us. " "Yet I was inspired by humanity and the determination I saw everywhere in our global community. As President Lincoln said at a time of great adversity: The situation is fraught with difficulties, and we must rise thanks to this situation. Since the circumstances in which we find ourselves are new, we must think in a new way and act in a new way. "So that Apple has always chosen to face the great challenges. And so that we will get up to face this too ”.

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A few days ago rumors circulated that Apple's CEO and Apple's Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, may have been exposed to risk since they were among the guests present at the birthday to celebrate the 60 years of Grainge, a positive coronavirus result.

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