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Confirmations for iPhone prices of Vodafone and Tim

New and, at this point, unavoidable confirmations of the advances that our site first announced this morning on Vodafone prices but also on Tim prices that our site, always first in Italy, had presented in recent days. Here is what Macity has been able to achieve in the past few minutes.

As for the Vodafone price, our site has directly seen the official price list valid from today that confirms the iPhone costs already anticipated this morning: 719 euros for the 32 GB model, 619 euros for the 16 GB version and 499 euro for the 8 GB model.

As for Tim, a reliable source reported to our magazine that in the price lists, which for we have not had the opportunity to have in our hands, the new iPhone is already present with the cost of 599 and 699 euros respectively for the 16 and 32 models. GB. The prices are the same that Macity published a few days ago.

The reason why Tim and Vodafone will have (or would have, given that Tim still reserves a certain margin of doubt) different costs for the two terminals is unclear. The hypothesis of an operator block for Tim and a completely free terminal for Vodafone at the moment seems unlikely, both for the particular Italian laws, both for the habits of our customers and, finally, for the reduced difference in costs that could backfire on Tim. Too little 20 euros of margin between the Telecom Italia mobile operator's phone and that of the competition to convince someone to buy a phone that would be severely limited.

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