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Concept Kitchen 2025, here is the table of the future according to Ikea

Ikea has released a series of futuristic projects related to the Concept Kitchen 2025 project, an initiative in collaboration with the Ideo company that imagines how the kitchen environment can be transformed in less than 10 years.

Among the different projects, the most amazing "A Table For Living", where Ikea imagines a smart table capable of performing a series of unique and integrated functions, all thanks to a set of components of various kinds part of the project, including online connectivity and a smart video camera placed just above the table.

In the concept shown by Ikea, for example, just place ingredients on the table to see suggestions on other ingredients to be combined to prepare a recipe appear directly on the surface of the top; the table will integrate directly with recipe books and choosing the time of realization will be able to advise which recipe to follow.

Concept Kitchen 2025

By placing the food directly on the worktop, it will be possible to obtain nutritional values, some recipes to execute and even suggestions on how to clean or prepare specific foods, all directly on the worktop; if you are struggling with a recipe, the table will suggest the proportions and act as a weighing machine to calculate the quantity of ingredients to be used.

Finally, the table ofConcept Kitchen 2025 also integrates a surface for heating induction pots and pans, positioned directly on the surface and with direct control of the cooking mode and the temperature to be maintained, even just to keep a coffee warm, or – because not – to recharge your smartphone or tablet.

Below is the video of the table of the future according to Ikea.