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Canada, iPhone 3G S prices on the rise

There are new signs of a possible price increase for the iPhone 3G S compared to current 3G versions. After the indiscretions collected by Macity, of which we gave information in this article, and after the confirmation that at least in one country (the United Kingdom) the mobile phone will have a higher price than the previous model, now also from Canada a confirmation seems to bounce : buying the new iPhone 32 Gb without a contract (to replace a previous one) would cost $ 899 (about 575 euros), the 16 GB version $ 799 (509 euros). The costs were reported by some representatives of Fido (mentioned by a Howard Forums user), the mobile operator part of the Rogers group that has the iPhone exclusive in the North American country.

If the information, not yet officially confirmed, finds confirmation, there will be a new convergence towards the indiscretion which fixes Italian prices at 699 and 599 euros in Italy. The difference between the Canadian and the Italian costs justified by the fact that Canadian and American prices never include taxes (we always include 20% in the price) and that we are still talking about a phone blocked on the Rogers network and not free from sim locks and carrier locks like those we will most likely have in Italy.

Recall that in the United Kingdom those who want to take an iPhone without a contract (to replace a previous one) must pay 440 and 538 pounds which, reduced by British VAT, make 382 and 468 pounds which in turn translated into euros make 448 euros and 549 euros; adding 20% โ€‹โ€‹of Italian VAT to 540 euros and 658 euros, not too far from the supposed Italian prices (and in any case well above the previous price), also considering that the British version phone, like the Canadian one, blocked on the network of the exclusive operator (O2 in the case of the iPhone UK).

At this point it seems increasingly likely that even in Italy the new iPhone will end up having a growing price even if it is desirable that operators manage to get a discount from Apple (which seems to be at the origin of the higher costs) compared to what is rumored in previously. Difficult to hypothesize a lower list, optimistically, at 549 and 649 euros for the two models or, perhaps, a 569 and a 699 which would then be in fact a price for the iPhone 3G S identical to the previous 16 GB with the one from 32 GB up 150 euros compared to the top model of the previous series.