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Borsch, the iOS app that photographs the dishes and judges the quality of the food

Borsch is an interesting iOS app that can advise users on where to go to eat a specific dish or food based on the "appetite" of a photograph. Unlike most applications in the food sector, Borsch is one of the first apps to take advantage of an artificial intelligence made up of neural networks, which analyze the images and photographs posted by users from various venues and evaluate the (supposed) goodness of a flat according to the image.

The user who uses the app only has to choose the type of food he would like to taste; the application will extract from its database a series of images taken in specific places located in the user's geographical surroundings, analyzing the image and showing only the photographs which – according to the app – are capable of making the 'mouth watering. Baster click on the image that you find most appetizing to know where to find that dish.

The system uses user-generated food images that access public places, including georeferenced photos on Instagram and review websites such as TripAdvisor. The application includes a small neural network capable of working offline to determine whether the things portrayed by the phone's camera are food or not.

During this summer the app analyzed over 10 million photos from open resources like Instagram; almost 650,000 photographs in total have been identified as food images, including 13,900 images from New York, 5,065 from Berlin and 4,302 from Moscow. In addition, not only the neural network that recognizes food types, but distinguishes the quality of food of the images, presumably from established parameters which are based on appearance and which must necessarily ignore the taste, even if often the appearance of a dish strictly connected to its ingredients and therefore also to the taste

The learning process of the app continued for six months and is continuing to refine itself; for example the neural network now able to learn to differentiate the dishes of the most refined cuisine of Asia and India.

The Borsch developers are also working on the analysis of the text, to capture the emotions that users after lunch and also obtain direct verbal judgments, and to the possibility of recognizing nutritional values ​​from the image, such as the number of calories and the indices food for each meal. The app is currently only available in the USA, Germany and Russia.

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