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Best Program for Watching Movies, TV Shows and TV Shows on iPhone, iPod and iPad: …


Infuse 2, the best iPad app for watching TV shows and movies

Infusions 2

Do you want to watch movies and TV shows on iPhone, iPod and iPad? Do you want to watch your favorite movies from USB stick or SD card on iPhone, iPad and iPod? The program that's right for you is called Infusions 2, which to date is definitely the best software to watch movies, TV shows and TV series on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

I don't know about you, but I often look at myself movies and TV series on my iPad Air: the 10-inch HD display allows you to comfortably watch films and TV series at optimal resolution and being a light, compact and portable device, I can take it with me and watch my films wherever I want and when I want with extreme comfort. There is only one problem: to watch movies on iPhone, iPod and iPad you need to install an alternative program, since natively the player on Apple devices does not support many formats, which are then those typical of movies and TV series that can be downloaded from Internet.

One solution would be to convert every single movie through iTunes, but it really takes too long. The other solution, the best one, is download an alternative program to watch movies and TV shows on iPhone, iPod and iPad, which then the solution that I propose today.

In particular, to date the best program for watch movies and TV shows on iPhone, iPod and iPad definitely Infuse 2: the free basic version, the full one costs about 6, but it's worth them all.

Infuse 2 allows you to play 14 types of video formats and connects to the Mac, PC or even a home NAS server where these movies can be streamed. Through the browser, you can use WiFi to move files to your tablet. When this happens, the app automatically connects to some databases and downloads themetadata, then adds the cover of the film / show, the data sheet and much more.

Through the support of various services, such as OpenSubtitles, it also allows you to download iItalian subtitlesautomatically. In the case of multiple episodes of TV series, the app stacks them under one roof for better organization.

In short, it is a ptruly complete and well-made program from every point of view: it offers many advanced features, compatible with all the video formats out there, it offers accurate graphics, elegant and easy to navigate and transforms your iPhone, iPod and iPad into a truly complete and powerful video player. Always fast and immediate playback, without ever stopping or slowing down. A program to download with your eyes closed, especially because it is available for free on the App Store.

Infusions 2it weighs 14.1 MB for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. With the In App system, you can pay 5.99 to use AirPlay and Dolby audio, as well as increase the supported formats, so you can watch videos on your home TV with an AppleTV.

If you didn't like this program, alternatively you can still use VLC which is a free program and offers similar (but not the same) functionality and much more basic and spartan graphics.

I remind everyone, in case you forgot it, that a few months ago I shot a video in which I explained how to watch movies and TV series on iPad, iPhone and iPod directly from USB stick or SD card. For those who missed it, I propose it again today. It is a simple, fast and immediate solution which, coupled with the Infuse 2 program, allows you to play any video format on your Apple device without conversion.As you can see in the video, all I do is copy the video files to the SD card, connect it to the iPad and start playing: nothing simpler. Try it too

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