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Belkin TuneCast Auto Live: new details and arrival in Italy

Macitynet has already reported on the new TuneCast Auto Live device: today with a press release Belkin officially announces the availability also for Italy starting from the autumn, it also specifies some interesting details on the functions offered. Like other car FM devices already available for iPhone / touch and iPod, the new Belkin TuneCast allows you to transmit our music stored in your pocket via FM radio directly to the car stereo. Unlike all the products of this type seen to date, TuneCast Auto Live uses a combination of hardware and software and the direct control of the transmitter by iPhone / touch, made possible by the iPhone 3.0 operating system, to offer an experience of use simpler and more immediate and also more complete.

Belkin Tune Cast users will be able to download the ClearScan Live application for free from the App Store: by launching the application, the software uses the GPS integrated in the iPhone to find the best FM frequency based on the user's geographical location, also taking into account the Data and comments from other Tune Cast users in the same area. In the same way, it is possible to contribute to the improvement and quality of the experience by providing personal assessments of the performance and detected quality of the different radio frequencies in different areas. In addition to this, the free ClearScan application, thanks to the new APIs integrated in iPhone 3.0, which can control the functions of the FM radio transmitter directly from iPhone. On the iPhone screen, the user can read the FM frequency used at any time, he also has access to a control panel with all the functions to configure and set the software and functions of the transmitter.

Belkin declares that ClearScan Live for iPhone and touch is in fact the first program to integrate hardware control of an external device connected to Apple's multi-touch paperbacks. Other features of TuneCast Auto Live include, in addition to compatibility with iPhone 3.0, operation also with iPod Classic and Nano, the simplified ClearScan one-push tuning function, audio and volume optimized with Pro setting, the presence of two programmable keys , a high-contrast backlit display, charging the pocket battery during operation.

TuneCast Auto Live indicated with the product code F8Z498, will also be available in Italy from this autumn, while the official sale price has not yet been communicated. The ClearScan Live application will instead be available for free download directly from the App Store.