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Belkin introduces new iPod nano 4G cases

The new Glam ultra-thin case is inspired by diamonds and diamonds to transform the iPod into an even more precious and elegant device. Made of high quality polycarbonate, it easily locks on the rear side, providing additional protection from scratches, without adding any bulk. The package also includes a transparent protective film, to protect the iPod screen and offer maximum freedom of use.

The ultra-thin Glow case for all those who like to protect their iPod in an elegant and discreet way, allowing the color of the iPod to shine through. Resistant, light and transparent, the ideal companion at any time of the day. Originality is the watchword for the ultra-thin Flow case: a wavy color-by-color design, perfectly incorporated in the protective polycarbonate, ideal for creating an elegant and trendy effect. The always snap closure, as for the Glam and Glow cases.

Belkin's innovative Fuse Interlock cases have a polychrome design and are available in a wide range of colors to perfectly match the shades of the iPod Nano 4G and your summer style. The new interlocking closure system of the Fuse Interlock case guarantees extra protection and an absolutely innovative design, with transparent, yellow and blue colors to adapt to any occasion.

Prices and availability Glam ultra-thin case with snap closure code F8Z421eaSPK for 19.99 euros; ultra-thin Glow case code F8Z421eaCLR and Flow code F8Z421eaCNT for 19.99 euros; Fuse Interlock case code F8Z423ea for 29.99 euros. All available in June.