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At Moscone the video wall of the App Store applications

At Moscone the video wall of the App Store applications – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Who, like the writer, has had the opportunity to visit Moscone during the day today has certainly seen a strange "video wall" made with several warnings. From a distance, the curious installation seemed to have no meaning: several monitors next to each other projecting an equally strange repetitive geometric motif that in some points seemed to bend repeatedly as if under pressure like a finger on an LCD display or if we want how it happens with water when throwing a stone that produces concentric circles. The curiosity increased even more when it was noticed that in front of the video wall a small crowd of about fifty people crowded who seemed literally hypnotized by what was happening on that screen.

The step of the Macity reporters was inevitable to understand the reason for so much interest and the function of the strange installation and the discovery: that screen showed all 50 thousand applications of the App Store depicted with their icons. The wall was "folded" with a sort of concentric circle when an application was purchased, hence the strange pebbles effect in the pond that is also noticeable in our photos.

The system, ingenious and probably implemented also with a certain technical effort by Apple, in practice a graphic representation of the App Store that keeps track of all applications and all sales; the system located in a symbolic place, the second floor of the Moscone where all the developers pass, stimulates pride and presents the success of the Apple store in an evident and original way.

Below are the photos that illustrate the installation.

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