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At IFA 2016 Yevo 1, pre-order headphones for total wireless

At IFA 2016 Yevo Labs based in Stockholm shows Yevo 1, its new generation and completely wireless flagship earphones, made up of two separate elements, for total freedom of movement. Designed for audiophiles, they are based on cutting-edge technology, start with Bluetooth 4.1 and near-field magnetic induction, which allows you to choose whether to isolate yourself completely from the surrounding environment or stay connected with what is around us.

Among the other features of the new headphones, the presence of 4 built-in microphones, to carry out telephone conversations so that the voice reaches the interlocutor loud and clear. With a single touch, the earphones in question allow you to control the volume, answer calls, activate the audio transparency function that allows you not to isolate yourself from the surrounding environment, and recall the iOS and Android voice assistants, so you can ask for the help of Siri or Google Now directly with the earphones worn.

yevo 1

From an autonomy point of view, Yevo 1 offers up to 20 hours of playback, after which you can recharge also thanks to the elegant and thin and case that acts as a charging base. On the software side, the headphones interface with the Yevo app soon available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The headphones can already be pre-ordered from the official website, in different white and black colors, at a price of 299 dollars. Shipments are scheduled for the Christmas season, therefore arriving by December 2016.