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At IFA 2016 Tivoli ART, the wooden bluetooth speakers for multi room listening

At IFA 2016 Tivoli, better known for its radios, launches the gauntlet aBang & Olufsen, offering a set of bluetooth speakers, not only that aim for premium audio quality, but capable of being a piece of furniture, thanks a refined design.

The new line of Tivoli speakers simply takes the name of "Art", a clear signal that in addition to listening to music, they tend to be an artistic element, which can also furnish the house or the corner of the pole where they are positioned. speakers presented during the kermesse in Berlin, it consists of two different types of speakers. The first cube-shaped, precisely Cube, and the second circular, called Orb. The cube is the smallest component, with a wooden and fabric frame on the front. It can be managed through the iOS and Android app, so as to be able to amplify the sound coming from the multiple streaming services, such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal. The logo on the case, as well as an aesthetic element, also functions as a button to pause playback.

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Italian style!

Orb, on the other hand, has a spherical design, with much more rounded lines. The speaker works in much the same way as the younger brother, including pairing with the application, so that it can be a valid ally for the smartphone. The main advantage of this box, in addition to the more generous dimensions, which can be hung on the wall, thus ending up being not only a musical instrument, but also a beautiful piece of furniture. At IFA 2016, in addition to presenting the two peripherals, the Italian vice president of international sales, Silvio M. Pupino, has already hinted that the company is already projected towards expansion for CES 2017, where the relative line up will certainly be expanded to speakers.

Both speakers are currently listed as "coming soon" on the official website.