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At IFA 2016 D-Link offers new surveillance cameras and smart home accessories

At IFA 2016 D-Link arrives with a load of accessories for smart video surveillance and connected home. Below is a description and characteristics of all the products brought by the manufacturer to the current Berlin event.

D-Link first launches the new range of cameras with Wide-Eye technology, also compatible with the mydlink Home range for the Smart Home. The technology installed on board allows a wide 180 ° view, for a home or office video security system, which makes it possible to control an entire room with a single device without having to rotate the frame. The first product of the new range mydlink Home Full HD Outdoor 180 Wi-Fi Camera (model DCS-8700LH), which allows Full HD recording, designed for video surveillance of outdoor environments with the possibility of remote control via the mydlink Home app. Not only the wide 180 ° view, but also the de-warping technology with which the lenses are equipped, which allows you to have a panoramic vision without distortion.

DCS-8700LH-mydlink-Home-Outdoor Full-HD-180-WiFi-Camera- (Side_Left)

mydlink Home Monitor HD (model DCS-935LH) a video camera with color vision and HD resolution, 720p, equipped with one-way audio to record ambient sounds. The HD Monitor does not require the Control Hub because it can connect directly to the Wi-Fi network with the touch of a single button. The model in question characterized by a rather discreet design that allows it to be installed anywhere. The video camera provides a clear view up to 5 meters even in dark places, thanks to the integrated infrared LEDs. Upon detection of noise or movement, the camera sends a push notification and starts recording automatically directly on the MicroSD card.

DCS-935LH-mydlink-Home-Monitor-HD- (Side_Left)

Full HD 180 Panoramic Camera (DCS-2530L) another camera that the manufacturer has equipped with Wide-Eye 180, with a 1080p shooting resolution and rotatable camera head, so that it can also be installed on the ceiling. Integrates infrared LEDs for night vision up to 5 meters, with detection of noises and movements. It can also be managed remotely via the mydink port or via the mydlink Lite app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The camera equipped with a MicroSD slot that allows you to record videos directly in the local memory without the need to connect it to a computer, with the possibility of starting the recording to detect infractions or noises.

DCS-2530L-Full-HD-180-Panoramic-Camera- (Front)

HD Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-936L) instead the entry level all-in-one model that provides 24/34 coverage thanks to the infrared LEDs integrated with a view of up to 8 meters, even in the absence of light. Easy to install, users can access and control the camera even remotely, via the mydlink portal or the mydlink Lite app.

DCS-936L-HD-WiFi-Camera- (Side_Right)

Not just video cameras

In addition to the new line up of rooms, always at the IFA 2016 stand D-Link proposed the new devices for the Smart Home that expand the mydlink Home line. Among the new products the AC5300 Ultra WI-Fi router (DIR-895L) with AC 5300 standard, with a bandwidth capable of reaching up to 5300 Mbps the router equipped with 8 external antennas with large-scale amplifiers, this in order to improve the signal throughout the home, stabilizing it. DIR-895L supports the latest standard of Wi-Fi technology that includes MU-MIMO, SmartConnect and a SmartBeam AC system, which increases Wireless performance by distributing data more efficiently to have the possibility to access simultaneously in multi-device, also with high bandwidth usage. The DIR-895L provides a Wi-Fi connection and allows users to easily create a secure and secure network with SSID and security key. The router can be managed and controlled both from the mydlink online portal and via the mydlink Lite app for iOS Android and Windows Phone.

mydlink Home Smart Power Strip (DSP-W245) instead a 4-port smart socket, designed for those who start designing a smart home. The socket connects to the home wireless network and can be controlled and managed via the mydlink Home app to independently switch the 4 doors on or off, set customized timers and keep electricity consumption under control, with the possibility of sending notifications when preset thresholds are reached . Being part of the mydlink Home ecosystem, the Smart Power Strip can connect with other D-Link devices such as the Water Sensor and the Door & Window Sensor: for example, the socket can remove electricity from the washing machine if a water leak is detected, or it can turn on a lamp if the Door & Window Sensor registers the door opening.

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