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Apple is testing iPhone 12 5G prototypes, the launch is still expected in September

Despite the obligatory stop of factories in China for coronaviruses, Apple managed to build a limited number of iPhone 12 5G prototypes and, at least for the moment, the launch of the new terminals of this year still scheduled for September. The spread of the virus first in China and then in the rest of the world is slowing down the production chain of Cupertino but with different effects from what has so far leaked from a series of conflicting reports.

In recent weeks, in fact, most of the reports indicated a generalized delay that would have blocked both production and the roadmap for the launch of new products on site. But this was not because Apple has announced the new iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 with availability starting from next week, while the new Magic Keyboard accessory with trackpad, also announced together with the new professional tablets, will be available for purchase only at May.

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But Apple's labyrinthine supply chain extends with component suppliers, manufacturers and assemblers to different countries, hit by the epidemic at different times. According to sources heard by Bloomberg probably the production of the new iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 had already started in the first days of January, therefore before the total block for coronavirus. Vice versa, the closure of the factories could be the explanation behind the announcement of the new Magic Keyboard which instead will be available for purchase only in several months.

Still according to sources heard by the financial head, despite the total closure of factories in China in February, Apple still managed to build a limited number of iPhone 12 5G prototypes, because functions and design are already finalized between November and December. Subsequently, the industrial production of the new chassis usually begins in April, and then proceeds with the subsequent stages of final assembly, testing and packaging approximately in May.

iphone 12 5g prototypes

Stops and delays for coronaviruses affect different companies based on their geographic location. For example, Apple suppliers in Malaysia are now stopped, as is also the case for other suppliers in South Korea, the United Kingdom, the USA, Italy and Germany. Instead Broadcom which supplies wireless chips to Cupertino expects to suffer the consequences of coronavirus in the second half of the fiscal year.

For the moment, it seems that the consequences of Coronavirus on the roadmap of the new Apple terminals are limited, as the test phase of the iPhone 125G prototypes underway in traditional times seems to demonstrate. To anticipate possible delays and changes in plans, it is necessary to wait for developments in the coming months.

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