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Apple iPad Air: full review from YourLifeUpdated (Video Review)


Here is our full review and video review of Apple iPad Air

At the end of the test period dedicated to Apple iPad Air, the time has come to trace the final balance.

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Video Review Apple iPad Air

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Review Apple iPad Air

After the video review, here are some details on the tablet.

L'iPad Air the fifth generation of the mythical Apple tablet. Thinner and lighter, with a more powerful processor and 9.7-inch Retina display, the iPad Air brings improvements in performance and design.

note "src =" "width =" 32 "height =" 30 "/> TECHNICAL SHEET</strong></p><ul style=

  • System: iOS 7
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz / Dual Core / Chip A7 and M7 motion coprocessor
  • Memory: Internal: 16 GB / RAM: 1 GB
  • Display: 9.7 inches / IPS with backlight / Resolution: 2048 × 1536 pixels / 264 ppi
  • Camera: 5 MP / Autofocus, Backlight / Video: 1080p HD / Front: 1.2 MP
  • Networks: 4G: LTE / 3G: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz / GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Nano SIM
  • Wireless: Bluetooth: 4.0 + A2DP / Wifi: IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n
  • Connections: 3.5mm / Lightning Audio Jack
  • GPS: aGPS
  • Sensors: accelerometer, ambient light sensor, three-axis gyroscope
  • Weight: 478 g
  • Dimensions: 240 x 169.5 x 7.5mm
  • stack "src =" "width =" 32 "height =" 28 "/> PACKAGE</strong></p><p style=Very poor. We don't even have earphones. But now we are used to it.

    phone "src =" "width =" 22 "height =" 32 "/> MATERIALS AND DESIGN</strong></p><p style=It is the best tablet I've ever seen and used, it doesn't rain. Highest quality materials, fine and elegant design. It is truly a pleasure to look at it and hold it in your hands. In terms of materials and design, Apple pays everyone. The back seems to me a little too delicate, better protect it with a cover.

    truck "src =" "width =" 32 "height =" 26 "/> WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS</strong></p><p style=To be a 10-inch tablet, really thin, light, compact and handy. The best 10 inches I've ever used. Finally, Apple has also started to thin the side edges and the tablet seems even smaller than it really is. Apple has significantly reduced weight compared to the previous model and this is felt especially when we use it on the move.

    megaphone "src =" "width =" 32 "height =" 32 "/> RECEPTION</strong></p><p style=Excellent from all points of view: WiFi, LTE, GPS, Bluetooth. Too bad that the version equipped with SIM does not allow you to make calls, Apple's usual stupid limits.

    clock "src =" "width =" 22 "height =" 32 "/> BATTERY</strong></p><p style=Excellent: I spend two days with intense use, watching movies, playing games, surfing the internet. If I am a careful p also arrive to use it for 3 days without loading it. The best battery life ever seen on a 10-inch tablet, comparable only to that of the Galaxy Note 10.1 released a couple of years ago.

    settings "src =" "width =" 32 "height =" 32 "/> HARDWARE</strong></p><p style=A powerful hardware, but certainly lower on paper than that of many other Android tablets. Fortunately, ioS ​​7 does not need very powerful hardware to work well and even with these technical characteristics iPad Air manages to be much faster than many other tablets that should instead offer better performance. A top-of-the-range hardware, however, doesn't rain.

    display "src =" "width =" 32 "height =" 30 "/> DISPLAY</strong></p><p style=A truly beautiful 10-inch display. Bright, colorful, sensitive, with a very high definition. The only flaw, perhaps, is the black colors that are slightly "black" and the excessive reflection: in the sun and outdoors, it is almost impossible to use this tablet. At home, however, there is no comparison: you will fall in love with its incredible display. Just for knowledge, however, just that you know that the new Android tablets from Samsung (Galaxy TabPro) have a display with a higher resolution than the iPad Air and are also better in terms of colors.

    params "src =" "width =" 32 "height =" 32 "/> SOFTWARE AND OPERATING SYSTEM</strong></p><p style=We all know iOS 7: a completely renewed, colorful, easy to use system, with many new features, but which is always closed and not very customizable. To make the most of it, you need jailbreak, there is no doubt. The biggest flaw of this OS, however, is the inability to have multiple applications open at the same time: I had them on the Galaxy Note 8.0 and Note 10.1 and on this iPad Air I really miss them. It would be fantastic to be able to manage two or more programs on its large and beautiful display, but Apple does not allow it. A pity, there is no doubt.

    For the rest, the very fast, very stable system and the new features introduced by iOS 7 make it really comfortable and immediate to use. The App Store, then, with all the games and apps to download, one of the many strengths of this excellent product. A perfect OS for tablets, but perhaps a limited feature p.

    world "src =" "width =" 31 "height =" 31 "/> INTERNET BROWSER</strong></p><p style=Safari improved a lot and, at least on iPad, I prefer it to Chrome, which I use instead on all other fixed and mobile devices. It is fast, light, responsive, easy and comfortable to use. A flaky internet browser that will make your web browsing really enjoyable. You can easily watch all the sites that offer streaming movies and TV series, just to give an example.

    camera "src =" "width =" 32 "height =" 27 "/> PHOTOS AND VIDEO</strong></p><p style=Notwithstanding that I find it absurd to take photos and videos with a 10-inch tablet, the camera of iPad Air really excellent, comparable to that of iPhone in terms of quality. Photos and videos were taken in high resolution and the final result certainly surpasses that of many other tablets on the market. Too bad you miss the flash to take photos at night or in low light.

    music "src =" "width =" 32 "height =" 32 "/> MULTIMEDIA</strong></p><p style=The games are truly amazing on iPad Air: lighting effects and graphics are comparable to those of home consoles. Excellent sound too: loud and clean, under any circumstances. It's just a shame that the iPad does not read many video formats natively and that, as always, to transfer photos, music and videos it is necessary to switch from iTunes. With the jailbreak, however, the iPad becomes a real monster: I connected a 32GB SD card on which I saved films and TV series in high definition, to be enjoyed on its incredible high resolution display.

    like "src =" "width =" 32 "height =" 32 "/> CONCLUSIONS</strong></p><p style=iPad Air one of the best tablets on the market, there is no doubt, but still improved.

    First of all it should be more customizable by the user.

    Then the price should perhaps be a little lower: true that the materials are of the highest quality, but today at 300 euros there are Windows 8 tablets that can completely replace our fixed and portable PC, which this iPad cannot do, however powerful and fast it is.

    Finally, the display is far too reflective.

    Let's close with hope: the one that, sooner or later, Apple will decide to support true multitasking on iPad, just like Samsung does on Galaxy Tabs; it would be truly a dream to be able to manage two or more applications on the iPad screen.

    Overall, however, all I can do is reiterate that, to date, iPad Air is definitely an exceptional tablet, one of the best. The top step of the podium is played together with Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, another truly powerful product and full of advanced functions.

    Have you tried iPad Air? What do you think?

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