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Apple Design Award: here are the winners of the 2009 edition

A MacBook Pro with top configuration, a 30-inch Apple Cinema Display, an iPhone, an iPod touch, a free membership to the Apple Developer Connection and finally the reimbursement of travel expenses. This is the prize package assigned to each winner of the Apple Design Awards, more precisely the package that belongs to the winners of the student category. Professional developers, on the other hand, are entitled to the standard prize package multiplied by 2. The economic value of the prize is out of the question, in any case the most substantial part of the win, undoubtedly represented by the satisfaction of being able to overcome a selection curated directly by Apple engineers and incredibly crowded of participants. Not to mention the fame and publicity that result from the attribution of an Apple Developer Award, in short ADA.

The best programs for Mac OS XDuring WWDC 09 the ceremony was presented by John Geleynse, Apple's Software Technology Evangelism director, and Shaan Pruden, senior director of developer relations. In the category dedicated to Mac OS X, the Billings programs have been awarded a program that allows you to keep track of the time dedicated to different activities and that then allows you to generate invoices designed for small businesses and freelancers, Versions which consists of an elegant and simple to use to work with Subversion on Mac, one of the most used open source programs for the management and control of software versions.

We also remember Things a program for the management of activities for individuals and work teams that in addition to working on the Mac, offers an application in combination for iPhone and touch, and finally BoinxTV that transforms the Mac into a television studio capable of applying video effects in real time superimposed on the video stream input from a FireWire camera or even from the iSight. In the student category, the first to be awarded during the WWDC ceremony, the Fontcase program was awarded, which allows you to manage, view and activate fonts on Mac with a simple and also visually appealing approach, qualities that make it a sort of iPhoto for font management.

Apple Design Awards for iPhone and touchPostage has been awarded in the section dedicated to iPhones and touches, which allows you to quickly create captivating digital postcards from the user's photographs, with the possibility of inserting filters and graphic effects on the fly. MLB.with At Bat 2009 a complete application for baseball fans that allows you to view movies and insights on the games, scores, news and Gameday information, follow the audio of the live commentary of the matches and much more. The Topple 2 game by ngmoco appreciated for the complete use of the iPhone / touch accelerometer and for the accurate and captivating graphics.

Tweetie one of the most popular and famous Twitter clients for iPhone / touch with a particularly cured user interface. Finally, we remember the prize awarded to the best application in Beta, AccuTerra. Using the technologies available with iPhone 3.0 and GPS functions, AccuTerra allows you to purchase detailed digitized maps of the areas of interest to plan and manage routes, walks and recreational activities out of town.