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Apple and Microsoft Office: five months and then?

Apple and Microsoft Office: five months and then? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Steve Jobs in August 1997, in Boston where the Macworld was held then, signed with Bill Gates that alliance that simultaneously appeased the war outside and inside the courts between Apple and Microsoft, but above all led to create a Mac Business Unit at Redmond who continued to produce software for the Mac platform, primarily Office, while Microsoft invested $ 150 million in Apple with non-voting shares and demanded the choice of Internet Explorer for Mac as the default browser.

From a few hours the first haggard details have been known (so much so that Apple is not yet on the list of exhibitors!) Of the next Macworld Expo in New York City (15-19 July) and it will not be the usual meeting between Apple, users and third parties, but it could mark either the end or the reiteration of the entrepreneurial friendship between Microsoft and Apple.The five years coinciding with the Macworld will in fact have expired and nothing suggests that Apple wants to break its relationship with Microsoft and no different signal also arrives vice versa, on the other hand, both Browne (Microsoft) and Schiller (Apple) admit that no discussion of renewal of the relationship in progress and in any case are elements that usually remain non-public. Despite this, neither side feels particularly impeded, in the make your voice heard if market positions are exploited illegally: this is demonstrated by Steve Jobs' recent intervention against the remedy proposed in trial against Microsoft, which was even more harmful than the previous situation. However, other signs have come in recent months, such as that of the browser's default home page for Apple, which has gone from Excite to Netscape (rival "fallen" browser with I.E. from Microsoft). It seems that implicitly everything can continue as it is now, without renewing a written agreement document: everyone needs the other, perhaps for different reasons, Microsoft needs an operating system that does not make its IT monopoly seem total and Apple needs one tool to serve the world of Small Business.Moreover Microsoft is the second manufacturer of software for Apple systems after Apple, its Mac Business Unit works with good profit margins and is also useful for developing ideas that will be brought later in Windows versions Office.

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