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Apple: 500 million iPhones sold in 7 years


Apple: 500 million iPhones sold in 7 years

Another milestone reached by Apple. In fact it would seem that the five hundred millionth iPhone has been sold these days. Yes, you got it right, they are well 500 million iPhones sold from the day of its launch. The monstrous this figure has been reached in about 7 years, in fact since 2007, the year of launch of the first iPhone up to the present day with the marketing of the iPhone 5S and 5C.

It is the well-known American magazine Forbes that directly provides the data, which is lacking only of the official character of Apple that to make the data known only at the beginning of Q2. Although in recent years, Android has recovered a lot of ground, Apple always on the shields and still sells a lot since the apple phones thanks to their unmistakable design still attract many users.

The date reported by Forbes as achievement of the goal would have been assigned around March 8 and just think that in the initial months of 2014 as many as 30 million iPhones were sold which would make the total jump to over 500 million.

The incredible figure was achieved in just 7 years old it would seem that sales continue to be always high even if lower than the previous ones. Perhaps a small ceremony is being prepared near Cupertino to celebrate the event, as happened with the App Store for 50 billion apps downloaded.

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