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All in the classroom, it's time for digital: Apple at TED 2002

All in the classroom, the time of digital: Apple at TED 2002 – logomacitynet1200wide 1

To meet the needs and evolution of the school world, Apple presents its "Mobile Classroom" solution enriched with a new version – and the "Discovery Session" of the Apple Distinguished Educator program (free teacher training). To illustrate this and other initiatives designed for the school, Apple hosts the operators of the sector in a workshop to be held on Wednesday 27 February at 2 pm at the Fiera di Genova, Stand Apple S 102.

The following will be present: Riccardo Salafia, Education Sales Manager – Apple ItaliaHerv Marchet, Education Manager – Apple Europe

Some invitations are available: if you are a teacher or an operator in the education sector, write to us.

To find out more about TED, visit the event website with details of the Apple presentations program.

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