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933 and dual processor in comparison

933 and dual processors compared – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Is it worth spending more to buy the second between 933 MHz and 1 GHz dual processor? Are there any real advantages? And if so what are they? The question is being asked by many and, as usual, MacSpeed ​​Zone, if it does not provide conclusive answers, certainly gives some trace to help us choose. The site, specialized in benchmarks, notes that the performance in the vast majority of tests carried out is of made almost identical. The dual processor has a minimal advantage determined more than anything else, one would say, by the higher nominal speed in terms of MHz. But if someone expected double performance in the use, for example, of applications such as iMovie, iTunes or others of normal use, he would be disappointed. This happens because, as we have said on numerous other occasions, the two processors provide a real advantage only if the applications are "educated" to recognize them. exploiting the dual processor, AltiVec Fractal, provides even more than double performance on a Dual processor compared to the use on a 933 MHz. But this does not mean that the dual processor is only useful for those who use applications of this type. Another detail among those that emerge from the test, in fact, should be underlined, and the percentage of processor use in Mac OS X. The dual processor, almost always, uses half the power compared to 933 MHz. This means that in multitasking the Dual can provide significantly higher performance than 933 MHz. In short, you can launch multiple applications at the same time and let them work together without experiencing speed drops. This alone is already an advantage for a very specific category of users that alone presents arguments for turning to the dual processor instead of the single processor. Topics that will become more stringent when, in the future, it is assumed that applications optimized for multiple chips will also be more and more.

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