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4 alternative clients to read emails on iPhone, iPod and iPad


Here are 4 alternative programs to Mail to read emails and emails on iPhone, iPod and iPad

IPhone Mail Apps

Read and reply to emails on iPhone, iPod and iPad really very easy, fast and immediate: the program Mail installed by default complete and easy to use. Not everyone, however, is comfortable with this program, which in fact has several limitations and not quite the most flexible in circulation. It is fast, no doubt about it, but at a fairly limited level of customization.

If you want to try cambiare program to manage, read and reply to emails on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, you are in the right place: today we will report all the alternative programs that you can use on your Apple device to read and reply to emails without necessarily using the Mail software installed by default by Apple. Up App Store there are many alternative programs for email on iPhone, iPod and iPad, but we will report the best, most powerful and with the best features.

Here you are, then, i best email clients for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

1. CloudMagic

A powerful and complete program, but simple to use. It offers a rich and complete interface and supports all major email providers, such as GMail and iCloud.

CloudMagic Accounts

Its peculiarity is the extreme speed of loading emails: even faster than the program Apple mail. The search function is also very interesting, really complete and powerful.

CloudMagic Options

The only drawback that the search works only if the device connected to the internet.

2. Heed

Certainly one of the best alternative email clients on iPhone, iPod and iPad. It supports the main email services and also multi-accounts (function to be purchased in-app for).

Heed main

The refined and elegant design, the legible font and in general the icons are in minimal style. The end result is really beautiful, which offers a truly unique interface.

Heed Options

Interesting is the possibility of prioritizing some messages simply with a swipe, while you can also set rules to automatically assign top priority to certain messages. Also useful is the ability to mark some messages as read simply by double-tapping on them. A very fast email client.

Heed has some limiting flaws such as the lack of support for folders that are fundamental in Gmail. In addition, the application suffers from reactivity problems, but perhaps this will be solved in future versions.

3. Squareone Mail

A complete program, which offers many folders set by default to group your emails. It is an app that works, for now, only with Gmail.

Squareone Mail Zones

Its distinctive function is the ability to make reading messages very fast and the ability to filter e-mail in different categories.

Squareone Mail Main

4. Boxer

It is a program that has been available for some time on the App Store, but is improved with each update by the developers. It supports many email services and integrates perfectly with Dropbox, Box, Facebook, Evernote and LinkedIn.

Boxer Main

Its interface is heavy and the icons and buttons are sometimes annoying, but in general a great program to manage emails on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Email synchronization is extremely fast and immediate and the software also supports various gestures to manage your emails with swipes. Really well done and comfortable. The app has a full paid version.

In addition to these 4 programs analyzed in detail, I suggest you also try:

  • Mailbox:similar to Boxer, it offers various gestures that allow to have a minimal and clean general interface. Mailbox works, for now, only with Gmail.
  • MyMail: a very nice app to use, with animations that make the use of this application a pleasure. It supports all the main e-mail services, supports multiple accounts, avatars, push notifications. The application also has a powerful search function.
  • Very:works with most email services. The best feature of Molto is its cool appearance and the interface with a very modern design, which supports various gestures. Another unique feature of Molto is its filter system that allows you to separate personal messages from those related to social networks and other services.

Well, I'd say everything. We saw several together email client for iPhone, iPod and iPad to use as alternative to Mail. If you know others, please let us know in the comments and we will update the article with your suggestions.

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