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Zenonia brings the Zelda-style role-playing game to iPhone and touch

Zenonia brings the Zelda-style role-playing game to iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

IPhone and touch users who are passionate about role-playing games of the classical school are barely holding back joy: the expected Zenonia has also been available on the Italian App Store for a few days. The name cannot refer to illustrious links, but a quick glance at just one game screen is enough to understand the reasons for the excitement. Isometric view from above, a lot of characters that seem to have just come out of Japanese souls, paths, forests, houses and dungeons to be explored to exhaustion.

Zenonia re-proposes on the Apple's multi-touch paperbacks the style and gaming experience of the classic role-playing games that have been so successful on computers and especially on 16bit consoles, in particular the Super Nintento. The play style and details of Zenonia refer to the most famous episodes of the Zelda saga, only with several improvements from the graphic point of view. It is not possible to question the depth of the game: each character manageable by the player has hundreds of unique objects, moreover divided into 5 classes: normal, magical, rare, unique and Epic. While immersing yourself in the adventure of Zenonia, three different skill systems must be kept under control and developed: 8 active, 8 passive plus a special skill. All seasoned with day / night cycles and a system that takes into account the player's hunger and body weight to add more realism. Zenonia completely controlled thanks to the virtual joypad reproduced on the touch-sensitive screen, it also offers an automatic aiming system that makes fighting easier and more immediate. Adventurers with iPhones and touches are warned: programmers declare that about 40 hours of gameplay are needed to complete Zenonia.

Available on the App Store for 4.99 euros.

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