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Yahoo! abandon RIM and bet all the cards on the iPhone

The iPhone is increasingly emerging as the platform chosen by companies, large and small, for the development of their new business. Yahoo! it has recently announced that it has stopped work on its BlackBerry mobile applications and other smartphones to concentrate its resources on the iPhone.

The news was picked up by TechCrunch, to which Yahoo itself, when asked about the release of the application for RIM devices, said that "it has decided to cease its development". Yahoo would intend to restructure its Yahoo! Mobile, focusing on two fronts: iPhone, and, for every other mobile phone, the browser only.

Yahoo! in February it announced its new mobile service, redesigning its new mobile platform. The new version has been announced as a browser-based service for more than 300 mobile phones; only for iPhone has been presented a free application, available from March in the USA.

The equivalent for BlackBerry would have had to arrive sccessivamente, but apparently now RIM users (as well as any other owner of a mobile phone that is not an iPhone) will have to settle for their browser, which will try to replicate the user experience obtainable from the Apple mobile phone.

Certainly the decision by the giant of Sunnyvale still highlights how much the impact of the iPhone on the mobile market has had decisive effects in the decisions of the companies engaged in the sector; even more decisive if the platform to be abandoned in the specific case that of RIM, certainly not the latest to arrive.