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Working tricks FIFA 14 v 1.3.2 for iPhone, iPod and iPad: how to unlock all …


Best tricks for iPhone, iPod and iPad: here's how to unlock all game modes inFIFA 14 v 1.3.2 for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Here is one for you new guide dedicated to all owners of iPhone, iPod and iPad. Today we're going to see how to unlock all game modes in FIFA 14 v 1.3.2.

IMPORTANT: unlike other guides you find on the internet, this was tested first by me and therefore is fully functional.

As you know FIFA 14 available free for iPhone, iPod and iPad, but to unlock some game modes you have to pay about 5. Today, thanks to a little trick, we will see how to unlock all game modes inFIFA 14 v 1.3.2.

This guide will allow you to:

  • unlock all the main game modes of FIFA 14 v 1.3.2 for free

The guide is very simple to follow and takes very few moments. This is a procedure within the reach of all users.

That said, let's not waste any more time and let's seehow to go aboutunlock all the main game modes of FIFA 14 v 1.3.2 for free.

FIFA 14 v 1.3.2 cheats for iPhone, iPod and iPad: how to unlock all game modes

The procedure to follow very simple.

First of all you need the jailbreak on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. If you don't know how to do it, follow this guide:

If you already have the jailbreak you can proceed.

Now that you have the jailbreak, download the iFunBox program for Windows or Mac. You can find it here: http: //

At this point you have to download the cheat file for FIFA 14. You can download it HERE. The downloaded file in ZIP format: extract the "documents" folder contained on the desktop (you will need it shortly).

Start the iFunBox program and connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the PC / Mac. Now, to unlock all the game modes in FIFA 14, you must click in iFunBox on:

iFunBox Classic (in the top bar)> User applications (in the menu on the right)> FIFA 14 (in the large central screen click on the FIFA 14 icon).

At this point you will see many folders, including the one called "Documents". All you have to do is drag the new "Documents" folder previously downloaded into this screen. No messages and no warnings will appear, but the software will automatically overwrite the two folders and activate the tricks accordingly.

You just have to start the game FIFA 14 v 1.3.2 and try to see if all the game modes have been unlocked: it worked perfectly for me and also for many other users. As if by magic, you can now play all the game modes on FIFA 14 v 1.3.2, even those that were previously blocked and needed to be purchased.

All very simple, fast and immediate, right? I just have to wish you lots of fun!


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