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With Postino virtual and real postcards directly from the iPhone

With Postino virtual and real postcards directly from iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Virtual but also real postcards sent directly from iPhone and iPod touch. Here is what Postman (nomen omen …) can do, the latest application released by Angurialab.

The authors of Locomotimes (the previous work of Angurialab, 25,000 downloads in Italy) have not made the usual app to send e-cards (although, as mentioned, able to do that too) but to send real physical postcards, printed on high quality paper, and which can be delivered worldwide. To create your personalized postcard you can choose a photo from your photo gallery or take a new one, write a message and choose the destination address and at that point just click. If the e-mail address does not pay anything, but if it is a real postcard, the "virtual" stamps start from $ 1.99 (about 1.4 ') for the single stamp (with shipping anywhere in the world) with a discount table based the number of stamps purchased (it reaches -20%).

Among the various "goodies" available: the selection of a frame (among 20 predetermined) to embellish your photo, and the "hand" drawing of a signature or drawing (you use your finger on the touchscreen, similar to the many apps of drawing). A shipping history is also available that also shows the shipping status, and various other small details.

The application is currently free, but, guarantees Watermelons, it really will be for a few days unlike Locomotimes which has always remained free.

To download Click here

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