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With Knocki any surface becomes touch

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Knocki an interesting device capable of transforming any surface into a touch sensitive one, in order to be able to interact quickly and easily with smart appliances installed in one's own home.

In the countryside on Kickstarter, Knocki has the shape similar to that of a hockey puck and can be installed by applying it to any surface, whether it be a wall, a table, a marble shelf or any other place of passage. Once installed, Knocki will be able to detect the vibrations transmitted to the surface and it will be possible to configure it to start specific tasks based on the number of vibrations received.

For example, you can knock twice to turn on the light in the room, knock three times to turn on the TV on your favorite channel or knock four times to increase the temperature of the thermostat. The Knocki has been developed with attention and with dedicated patents and for example able to recognize the vibrations performed on purpose from those instead involuntarily arising from the movement of an object or for reasons not dependent on the user's will.

Knocki 1

IlKnocki configurable through the smartphone app and able to interact with many existing technologies, as long as these are equipped with connectivity and wi-fi interface, indispensable for the correct functioning of the Knocki.

The device has had enormous success on Kickstarter reaching over $ 900,000 in funding compared to just $ 35,000 initially requested; at the time of writing, there are still 12 days to go until the end of the campaign and you can take a Knocki home with just $ 79. Below the dedicated video.