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With BTicino Classe 300X the two-wire intercom becomes smart, video and connected

(banner) … (/ banner) In recent years many companies have created systems to make your access control and door opening system connected with the introduction of products that can be connected to the network via wi-fi or from replace or place side by side your traditional intercom equipment: the genius idea of ​​BTicino Classe 300x is to exploit the flexibility of its 2-wire systems introduced on the market in 1999 and with hundreds of thousands of installations throughout Italy to bring the connection capacity not on-site ringtone but inside the house by integrating the functions of connection with the outside world at a local and Internet level in a single device.

One of the problems for devices that work as "" electronic bells "given by the positioning of the electronics or a large part of it outside the home, within reach of vandalism or theft; the substantial part of the tbit "width =" 415 "height =" 296 "src =" "/> Classe 300X instead inside and above all exploits in a large part of the system is already set up since the external connection with bells and / or cameras (also in black and white) and the internal connection with the traditional LT Terraneo or BTicino handsets already made.</p><div class=

The significant advantage in several respects: the direct economic one as it will not be necessary to replace anything of the external system and internal intercom stations that you do not want to update and it will not be necessary to pass new cables (if you already have a Bticino two-wire system); if you want to change an older or incompatible system, you can use the existing ducts due to the reduced space occupation of the 2-wire system.

Bticino Classe 300xThe "Live" quality of Bticino Classe300x

The update to the new technology can also be carried out in two-condominium systems with the single tenant who installs the Classe 300X video intercom in his apartment and uses the smart part in complete autonomy without affecting the general costs of the common part: depending on the system, it may be required an additional power supply to be inserted in the electrical panel.

In practice, those who already have a two-wire system will be able to simply replace the audio-only handset or the old black and white receiver with a large seven-inch color monitor and adding an external or recessed camera can obtain all the features and of interaction of a modern video intercom connected to the Internet.

lasala "width =" 1330 "height =" 671 "srcset =" 1330w, wp-content / uploads / 2016/06 / lasala-480x242.jpg 480w, 1024w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 1330px) 100vw, 1330px" src = "" /></p><p>At the press presentation Bticino showed its Classe300X in connection with a classic external point with camera of the Classe Sfera, one of the best selling in its field. The interaction with the door opener, gates, irrigation and home controls was only simulated but enough to understand the potential of the solution both in direct use through the 7 screen and in use connected via an iOS or Android smartphone.</p><p><img class=

The installation

The installation is very simple and obviously recommended the service of a qualified electrician since in some cases you will go to work on a wired system: in any case once you have adjusted the terminals on the back of the appliance you can be directly to perform the pairing with the Wi-Fi of home: Classe 300X will configure itself automatically and safely and from that moment on you will be able to access all its functions remotely.Here below we show you a video in which some nice demonstrators illustrate a part of the operational characteristics of the union between Smartphone and Classe 300X.

Among the most interesting functions we have: – Possibility of answering locally or remotely (outside the home) via your smartphone to calls on one more external bells with audio and video preview of the filming of any points with video camera – Possibility of opening doors and / or gates with direct control both from Classe 300X and from Smartphone – Possibility of intercommunication between smartphone and Classe 300x inside the house – Possibility of audio call to the home video door phone from your smartphone when you go outside to talk with the rest of the occupants with VOIP mode and 3 minute conversation duration transparent to the VOIP blocks of the telephone operators

– Possibility to use the smartphone as a door opener in case you have gone out without keys. – Possibility to cycle between the cameras installed on internal and external positions even remotely to check that it happens outside and inside the house.

And to underline that the Classe 300X smart models work, in the absence of Wi-Fi and internet connection, like the unconnected ones of the Classe 300 and this ensures the ability to use even for elderly people, children and for those who cannot or do not want to use a smart phone or do not have access to technology.

The App and the Cloud service

As you have seen from the video above, all communication management can take place through the "Door Entry" App available for iPhone and Android. At the moment there is no tablet version but you can use it on iPad in compatible mode. Among the options provided for use as a "intercom" answering machine with the possibility of leaving messages to those at home: shopping notes, notes, notices etc … all the cloud registration service and free rest without monthly subscriptions.

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The security

Great attention has been paid to the management of security: on the one hand acting on the encryption of Cloud communications with the service that BTicino makes available (it is a highly reliable third party service) and on the other acting on the ability to easily disconnect the intercom system from the smartphone authorized in the event that the latter is lost or stolen.On interesting security reason also for the additional usefulness of remote connectivity: the remote response even in your absence allows you to simulate your presence at home and this in fact discourages the bad guys who wanted check the possibility of theft in your home before committing the wrongdoing.

detailo300 "width =" 1200 "height =" 779 "srcset =" 1200w, wp-content / uploads / 2016/06 / detailo300-480x312.jpg 480w, 1024w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px" src = "" /></p><h3>The costs of Serie 300x</h3><p>The cost to the public of the system for a new installation obviously depends on the complexity of the intercom system that we will create. For the simple replacement of an internal audio door entry unit (whether video or audio only), we are talking about 400 Euro including VAT (price list of an electrical supply to the public) plus the intervention costs of the electrician. As a test we looked for SerieX 300 on Amazon and we found it at 378 Euro including VAT and excluding shipping.<strong> BTicino recommends the installation of an expert and provides a list of its certified installers</strong> but there is nothing to stop you from requesting the new intercom from your trusted electrician who will be able to connect the new appliance and any connected accessories without problems. The sale of the Classe 300X in traditional large retail is not currently foreseen.</p><p>A kit with an access point and outdoor camera will be available later.</p><h3>The philosophy: BTicino's gradual IOT</h3><p>The introduction of the Classe 300X which started a few weeks ago at the operators, installers and distributors of electrical equipment, as we have said, the first commercial step of the Eliot strategy by Bticino which wants to enter the market with products that are already mature and capable of being easily managed and without surprises from your network and from the end user: the cloud system, the compatibility with the previous installed one does not conflict with the flood of available functions and they themselves do not conflict with a BTicino and / or third party home automation system already installed: the objective to make a door phone system connected and bring it to the IOT world. The idea is to use Classe 300X, as is happening with smart thermostats for other companies, as a water head to make natural the use of smart technologies in areas where the usefulness has often been underestimated or the implementation would have been too expensive or perhaps additional to an impi pre-existing anto. While with a thermostat the immediate return in savings here the advantages are on the side of comfort, safety and communication skills.</p><p>In fact <strong>BTicinoClass 300X</strong> not an extreme advancement of the smart technologies to which we have now made a habit but the correct application of all the principles of comfort, connectivity, flexibility and convenience on an industrial product studied in detail.</p><p>In September we will probably have new announcements in the Eliot family of products conceived, studied and marketed for the Italian market. If these are the conditions, we will have other interesting news to make our home more connected and comfortable to use.</p><p></p><!-- WP QUADS Content Ad Plugin v. 1.8.17 --><div class=