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With Blu Ray Disc the DVD will take the place of VHS

With Blu Ray Disc the DVD will take the place of VHS – logomacitynet1200wide 1

So now official: the new standard for DVD will arrive and will be called Blu ray disc. Nine leading consumer electronics companies announced this today: Hitachi Ltd., LG Electronics Inc., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Pioneer Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Sharp Corporation , Sony Corporation, and Thomson Multimedia. The new DVD standard promises to fully launch digital recording and playback as an all-encompassing system, capable of replacing peripherals for storing data and video tracks. Blu Ray Disc in place of CD-ROMs, current DVDs and videotapes. The secret will be in two factors: the size of the laser beam that will allow you to record the discs in a more "detailed" way by storing more data than today possible and another data transfer speed, up to 36 Mbps. The disk will therefore be larger, up to 30 GB in a first version but with the possibility of reaching up to 50G on a double-sided disk and capable of recording directly from a camera or from a digital broadcast transmission without degradation of image quality. In addition to this it will even be possible to view images while recording others on the same disc. This, as mentioned, means that the new DVD fully capable of replacing the traditional videotape containing up to 13 hours of VHS quality video. The Blu Ray Disc will be similar in size and cost to current DVDs with the difference that it will be kept in a special cartridge that will protect it from scratches and dust even if cartridgeless prototypes have been shown The first DVDs capable of playing and writing Blu Ray Discs should be released by 2003 or early 2004. obstacle to the rapid diffusion of the system in the costs of the diode capable of emitting laser light for the engraving of the disk: 1000 $. A very high figure that could soon drop if the spread of the standard should have the desired progression.Initially, in any case, the Blu Ray Disc should turn to the home video market but its expansion towards the sector of computer recorders appears to be a fact granted.

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