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Will iPhone 3.0 precede the launch of the new iPhone?

Will Apple release iPhone 3.0 before the launch of the new iPhone? The suspicion is becoming increasingly concrete in the wake of some signals pointing to the operating system in the direction of a launch on the occasion of the WWDC.

The first of these signs yesterday. As known, Apple released the 8.2 version of iTunes during the evening which has the (almost) exclusive task of making the software compatible with the phone's firmware. If Apple, was the reasoning of several observers, had no intention of launching iPhone 3.0 shortly there would have been no reason to hurry to present iTunes version 8.2.

A second clue today is represented by the closure of the push notification beta testing program, one of the main novelties of the iPhone 3.0 that had been under evaluation by the developers for some days. The fact that Cupertino has now completed the initiative is interpreted, perhaps not wrongly, as the conclusion of the iPhone 3.0 beta testing program is also approaching.

If Apple is truly ready for the launch of iPhone Os 3.0, there are few more suitable events than WWDC, a time when thousands of developers will gather. Too bad that the WWDC does not seem, however, the moment when the immediate availability of a new iPhone will be announced, this for logistical reasons that prevent Apple from preparing and supplying the channels in a short time. If iPhone had really been ready for sale, in fact, marketing materials would have already been prepared and even the operators of the call centers and shops would have been trained. Hence the hypothesis of a delayed launch, first the firmware and then, after a few days or a few weeks, the new iPhone.

The most reliable thesis according to which Apple could have chosen a 'staged' launch points to the need to avoid some of the problems that occurred last year when, due to the overlapping of the two events, there were, especially on some markets, activation problems and various inconveniences.

A second hypothesis, this also being reliable in light of the latest rumors, in a phased launch of the new iPhones, first the low-cost model, substantially identical to the current one (but with some of the functions supported by iPhone 3.0) of which spoken in recent days, and then a model with major hardware innovations (greater memory capacity, different display and new processor for example).