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When Apple copies Samsung …


iOS 8 adds support for the heart rate monitor. Apple copy Samsung?

iOS 8 adds support for the heart rate monitor. Apple copy Samsung?

As we reiterated several times, 2014 the year of wearable devices, those for fitness and sports. Many companies presented accessories of this type during the MWC 2014 in Barcelona, ??while many others will enter this sector in the coming months.

Samsung, with the Galaxy S5, has even inserted a sensor capable of detecting heart beats on the smartphone: perhaps not very useful, but certainly based on fitness and monitoring of our body. For some years Samsung has been working in this direction: Galaxy S4, if you remember correctly, was equipped with a first version of S Health, the software to measure calories burned, steps and other information on our runs, walks and bike rides. With the Galaxy S5, this trend could only continue and here, in addition to having renewed the S Health software, the company has equipped its smartphone with a heart rate sensor and has launched many wearable devices dedicated to sports.

As Samsung are doing for so many other companies, all working on wearable devices to detect calories burned and statistics on our activities. Among the companies working on this technology, Apple could not miss, which for once again confirms that it has lost the role of innovator that belonged to it until Steve Jobs guided it.

Instead of innovating and revolutionizing this sector, Apple is clearly chasing Samsung: with the arrival of iOS 8, in fact, Apple will install a software called Healthbook on smartphones and tablets that will allow us to monitor our physical activities, just like Samsung's S Health has been doing for a couple of years now. Not bad as a delay for Apple, don't you think? All this confirmed by recent images leaked on the net, which confirm that iOS 8 will introduce at least two programs dedicated to fitness and will be able to natively support instruments such as the heart rate monitor forrecording and interpretation of users' vital signs.

Some rumors also say that Applesia intends to launch a wearable device similar to that of Samsung in the short term., which will be a cross between a smartwatch and a fitness bracelet: yes, it should be a copy of Samsung's Gear Fit.

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For now we have no official details on Apple's upcoming strategies, but we know for sure that iOS 8 will be focused on fitness, among other things. Once again, therefore, Apple shows that it is no longer able to innovate, but is limited to following other companies.Since Jobs left, things have changed a lot in Apple, don't you think too?

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