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WhatsApp has activated the "Reply quoting" function in the messages

WhatsApp has activated the "Reply quoting" function in messages – Whatsapp

WhatsApp has activated the "Reply" in messages, a function that allows you to reply to a message by returning a portion of the original message. In the same way as you do when replying to an e-mail message, you can keep your finger pressed on a received text and from the items that appear select "Reply". Our interlocutor will receive a part of the original message in the reply, useful for understanding what we are replying to. The function is particularly useful with group chats and allows you to understand who and what you are replying to, especially when the conversations become long and not always who receives the message understands what we are replying to.

A similar function had already been available for some time on Telegram, an instant messaging platform that has long been used to tag and reply directly in discussions. The new WhatsApp function therefore seems yet another run-up to integrate functions already seen on competing apps. Whatsapp is in any case also working on other news and in the future version support for animated GIFs should arrive.

WhatsApp Messenger for iOS requires iOS 6 or later, "weighs" 60.3MB and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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