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WebObjects updated to version 5.1.

WebObjects updated to version 5.1. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

With 30 Euro including VAT, for expenses, you receive the update on CD from WebObjects 5 (code M8261Z / A) to WebObjects 5.1.We remind you that it is still possible to purchase version 5 no later than March 8 in order to update for free With this new version some innovations are introduced, here are the most relevant: – integration of the JSP Servlet – support of Enterprise Java Beans – LDAP access via JNDI adapter. To order the update Apple provides its toll-free number 800.640846 or click here and follow the warnings before sending the documents to Ireland by March 15th (and must be received by March 30th).

Nicola dal Pont points out: "The news of support for EJB, a standard competitor / complementary to Apple's EnterpriseObjectsFramework, could be a decisive starting point for many Java developers to start using on that great platform that WebObjects"

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