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WarShip, naval challenges on iPhone and touch

If the nautical challenges have always fascinated you but the classic "naval battle" is a little tight because of the lack of real action, Warship could instead be the ideal game.

The title (for iPhone and touch) leaves little room for imagination: it is a real war between ships, which will see you driving the typical nineteenth-century sailing ship, complete with cannons ready to take down any other ship that is within range.

The aim is to explore the various areas by defending their trophies from opponents and pirates, acquiring new treasures and thus being able to improve and enhance their ship.

The control of the ship assigned to the accelerometer of the iPhone / iPod touch, while to sink (literally) your enemies you will have to act directly on the touch screen, pointing the opponent or the object you want to hit.

Lovers of naval battles and pirate atmospheres can download WarShip using the following direct link to the App Store. The application price of 1.59 euros.