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Tomons DL1101 review, the bedside speaker lamp

Having a lamp on the bedside table is a must, but if you want something more functional from the point of view of usability in a room, take a look at the Tomons DL1101.

Our editorial team has had the opportunity to test it in recent days. It is a lamp that pleases you precisely due to the absence of wires: in this way you can easily create a light point inside the room by moving it from time to time over a shelf or on the desk thanks to the battery power supply, which also provides energy for the speaker Built-in Bluetooth.

The icing on the cake is the adjustment of the light intensity via a touch ring, the possibility to change the color of the light, the auto-switch-off, the FM radio and the built-in microSD reader, which cancels the need to pair a smartphone or tablet for listening to your music.

Tomons DL1101 review

Com done

The rather small lamp, specifically 12 cm high and cylindrical in shape, with a diameter of approximately 8.5 cm. It is pleasant to touch because of the satin finish of the upper part, which acts as a real lamp. The satin finish, an intelligent choice also from the point of view of lighting: the light, even at maximum intensity, is very soft and, following our tests, we can say that it does not dazzle even looking at it directly.

With a rather minimal look, the white color – especially when turned off – and the chrome plating of the touch ring on the upper side, surrounding the Bluetooth speaker, go well with a room with modern furniture. From this point of view, in our opinion the company could have done better by hiding the microUSB and microSD input (positioned on the back) for example under the base, giving up for the possibility of using the lamp and at the same time recharging it. Even the front keys could have disappeared, perhaps replaced by a gesture on the upper ring (in the past we had the opportunity to try some speakers with this feature), for an engineering that would then have required a certainly higher final cost for the user.

How does it work

And perhaps precisely to maintain a relatively low final price and to guarantee greater practicality of use that we find, recessed on the lower ring, the two volume adjustment buttons that also function as buttons for skipping tracks or changing radio stations and the Play / Pause button that works also by On / Off button and auto-search for FM radio stations. On the back, as explained, there are the microUSB and microSD inputs, while under the base there are four buttons.

Tomons DL1101 review

One, useful only when listening to music from the microSD, to activate normal listening modes or by repeating an infinite song; the second, to activate the automatic shutdown mode by choosing, with each click, between 10-20-30-60-120 seconds (there will be a female voice, in English, to signal each step); a third button, Mode, allows you to switch between Bluetooth and FM radio mode, via microSD if you have one inserted in the appropriate socket. A fourth button, Reset, allows you to re-set the factory data, thus deleting all the Bluetooth pairings previously performed.

On the base there is also a hole to be able to hook a lanyard (not included in the package) and hang it upside down, perhaps inside a tent during a camping trip.

Lamp mode

Tomons DL1101 joined our evening readings on the bedside table for about a week. The white light, at maximum intensity, very strong and, because of the warm shades, perfect just for reading a book in bed. There are four different levels of light intensity, at minimum a small light point is created which can be useful when you are the last ones to lie down, without disturbing the other tenants who sleep in the same room. In fact, it was they who confirmed that the lowest level of light has never disturbed their sleep, unlike the Flash LED of our iPhone which, in the past, we used as a torch to get into bed without turning on the light in the room .

Touching the metal ring again switches from the last stage of intense light to a red light, perfect if you want to create a particular light point on a shelf, for example. With one last touch, a blue light comes on, which then gradually changes through all the primary colors in an infinite cycle, ideal for giving color to a party. If you make a further touch, the cycle of choosing the light starts again, starting from the white one at the minimum intensity. It is however possible to switch it off completely by keeping the pressure with a finger (or with the palm of the hand) on the touch ring for a few seconds, thus using the accessory only for musical functions.

Tomons DL1101 review

Loudspeaker mode

As anticipated, there is a built-in speaker that allows you to amplify the music of your smartphone via Bluetooth, or that contained in a microSD or, again, using the built-in FM radio.

As for the latter mode, simply activate it by pressing the Mode button. A click of the Play / Pause button will start the search and memorization of the various stations. The operation ends in about 2-3 minutes, depending on the number of stations found. Then, with the + and – keys, you jump from one station to another. Since there is no LCD display, unfortunately it is not possible to know at a glance the name or frequency of the radio station being listened to, however the radio works well and we have not encountered any problems in its operation.

With the Mode key it is also possible to activate the microSD reading, as long as there is one inside. The system does not recognize the folders but merely reproduces all the audio files found: even here a display would certainly have helped for the instant recognition of the songs, but if the idea is to listen to your music without particular preferences, the system can work.

Tomons DL1101 review

Last, but certainly not least, listening to music via Bluetooth. Here the phone to command: we will have the screen that helps us to select specific albums and songs, while from the speaker we can adjust the volume or jump to the next track or return to the previous one with the click on the volume keys. You can also pause music playback by pressing the play / pause button.

A feature that we liked and that we do not often find in other speakers precisely in the volume management. There are no two separate volumes: the buttons on the speaker regulate the general one of the connected device. In practical nursing we will not have to raise the volume of the case to the maximum and then adjust it according to our needs from the smartphone (or vice versa).

Instead, the possibility of being able to call the voice assistant is missing. In fact, there is a microphone on the back which enables hands-free calls, and could certainly have offered this type of functionality. The quality of the component is not excellent, if we speak at a distance of about 40 centimeters from the speaker our interlocutor will hear our voice well enough, better if the microphone is directed towards us. At a greater distance, our voice will be distant and difficult to perceive.

Tomons DL1101 review

Instead, the speaker performance is better. Both in hands-free calling and in listening to music, the quality is very good. According to our tests, there is a substantial difference between the volume in music reproduction with that of hands-free calls: specifically, the maximum power of the volume in call, is roughly equivalent to the volume in music listening reduced to 30%.

Listening to music, with the volume at 50% you can already reach a good level to fill a medium-sized room. At the time of writing, we are listening to Daft Punk's Beyond with our robot vacuum cleaner active in the same room. Under these conditions we can listen to music without great difficulty (the loudspeaker is located about a meter away). Raising the volume to the maximum, the jump is not remarkable, but sufficient to almost completely cover the noise of the vacuum cleaner.

The speaker is not comparable, in quality, to that of other Bluetooth speakers of the same price range. In comparison, in the past we have tried better ones, especially from the point of view of equalization. Here the songs are all quite flat: the bass is present in minimal part, while the general audio seems slightly closed, muffled.

The rather good autonomy reaches about 6 hours of continuous playback with the volume at maximum and the lamp turned on at maximum intensity. Using it only as a lamp, you can even touch the 12 hours before it turns off completely.

Tomons DL1101 review


If the only goal is to buy a Bluetooth speaker, go elsewhere. Tomons DL1101, in our opinion, was not born primarily for this purpose. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a bedside lamp that, if necessary, allows you to listen to some music, then this is a solution that can satisfy your needs.

The quality, as mentioned, good, ideal for an occasional and unpretentious listening. The possibility of listening to music even from a microSD or taking advantage of the integrated FM radio certainly an advantage to be taken into account when browsing the Amazon store in search of a speaker-lamp.

As for the lamp aspect, perfect if placed next to a bedside table, the various colors allow you to create plays of light during a party. Convenient auto-off if you need a dim light that stays on until we fall asleep.


– Different light adjustments both in intensity and color – Works both as a lamp and as a speaker – Can work in hands-free calls – Music reads from Bluetooth, microSD and integrated FM radio – Auto-off – Hole to hang it upside down


– No button to call up the voice assistant – Poor microphone quality

Retail price

Tomons DL1101 on sale on Amazon for 34.99 euros including shipping.

Tomons DL1101 review