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To protect its shareholders, Apple will not follow Enron's bad example

To protect its shareholders, Apple will not follow Enron's bad example – logomacitynet1200wide 1

With an official statement, last Friday, Apple announced that from now on it will prohibit its auditors from providing non-strictly financial advice. As Jobs also hastens to clarify: "good to be completely clear with our shareholders". had not noticed the immense scandal that arose from the Enron case in the United States, this statement may seem meaningless. The problem, in a nutshell, that the largest US energy company went bankrupt for hiding from its shareholders financial transactions not in line with the characteristics of the company, in line with the financial auditors (normally independent) who continued to accredit this company as one of the most regular accounts of the entire US market, moreover soliciting the financing to various enri (some also Italian). are following Enron in the abyss at a rate that is beginning to seriously worry many investors.Apple has decided to tighten again more the links of his public accounts and “get vaccinated” against any possible unwanted event similar to the Enron case and subsequent ones.

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