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The Sims 3 released for iPhone and iPod touch

The third chapter of the Sims has already landed on the App Store. The Sims 3 for iPhone and iPod touch, as easily understood, the corresponding version of the Mac and PC version that is about to arrive in all stores and even if there are numerous particularities dictated by the particular interface and form factor, the game respects in the philosophy of the franchise is full, adding some new features that characterize version 3.

The Sims of the new version for iPhone and iPod touch are highly customizable, not only in terms of physical appearance and look, but also in terms of character. Numerous environments are also available outdoors, one of the peculiarities of version 3, some of which have been specifically designed for iPhone and iPod touch. The aim is that of the series: to keep your character in a good mood, satisfied with his life and personal relationships. In The Sims 3 for iPhone, there are 73 achievements to unlock, each of which helps improve the Sim's mood and self-consideration. There are also decidedly particular ones such as, for example, talking to trees or kicking the waste bins.

During the game, by carrying out one of the four careers proposed, you earn money to buy items for the home and for everyday life. These objects (some of which can be personalized) help improve the Sim's quality of life. In a context, everything must be important, in the fullest spirit of the game, social relationships: you must dialogue with people, build groups of friends and be able to relate to them in the most correct way. During the game there are also "minigames" to be played, including for example fishing or cooking a dish.

Electrionic Arts points out that the game has a significant depth. To complete all the objectives it takes at least 14 hours and if you change the personality of the Sim you add different objectives; in addition, changing personalities also change interpersonal approaches and this substantially changes the game itself.

The Sims 3 for iPhone and iPod touch, fully localized in Italian, on sale for € 7.99

Below is a video showing The Sims 3 for iPhone running