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The most expensive smartphone apps in the world

From the one that simplifies the life of millionaires to the one that tunes the piano, here is our selection of digital wealth

Photo: Pixabay

Let's face it: accustomed to trafficking with apps mostly free or the price of a few euros it has a certain effect to think that c who comes to spend even 1000 to give his smartphone an extra function. But it happens and more often than we think. The reasons why there are those who decide to spend two or three zero digits for an app they are different.

Pure question of status for someone: icon of an expensive app, whose price I know, has a certain grip on fans of the riccanza. Although compared to the past, when there was the extemporaneous boom of ultra expensive apps, the army of digital upstart seems to be in sharp decline. And there are apps for the rich who don't just glisten: they can also perform the services of a modern and equipped concierge. Luxuries but useful, in short. At other times the off-market prices announce apps developed for use and consumption by an audience of technicians and specialists. In this case, the company could, under the mandatory condition, be worth the expense. Here we have collected 5. For all tastes.

iVIP Black. For Android and iOS, price: from 350 to 1100 euros. Faithful to both the name and the off-market price, also known as the "millionaires' app" because it promises free hotel room upgrades, priority restaurant reservations, direct access to concierge, free services and exclusive party invitations. Not only that: it can also be used to book private yachts, private jets and stays on inaccessible islands. In short, all those tasks that beset 1% of humanity.

Cybertuner. For iOS, price 900 euros. There are luxuries and luxuries: for some, having a perfectly tuned piano is priceless. This app, developed by Reyburn Piano Services, among the most important names in the tuning of the digital piano, is aimed at professional tuners to whom it provides digital instruments for tuning a piano, designed by an expert pianist. The only flaw: the price does not include the additional cost of updates.

Zollinger Atlas of Surgery. For Android and iOS, price: from 120 euros upwards. For more than fifty years, Zollinger's Atlas of Surgery has been the guide for doctors who, in Anglo-Saxon countries, perform surgery. Leafing through it, you will learn all the existing operating techniques.

Android AntiVirus by AndroHem Security. For Android, price: 110 euros. Here we are in the utility field. Nomen, omen: an antivirus that belongs to a well-known family of programs for protecting the Android smartphone. This pro version promises protection from spy apps and also helps in backup operations. But it is noted above all for the cost.

I am rich. For Android, various prices Just take a ride on the Play Store to discover at least a dozen apps that respond to this name, most of which are on sale at a price around 350 euros. What will they have special? Nothing. Pure inferior exhibitionism, since almost all of them advertise themselves as lapp to show your friends that you have a lot of money. The variants are also available: I am a millionaire and I am an oligarch to make the demi monde of reference understood. Although we suspect that oligarchs have other ways than an app to prove their wealth


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