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The list of errors with Black and Blue

The list of errors with Black and Blue – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Black & Bleu version 5 is ready for both standard and Pro modes. The codes have been revised and over 500 "Sad Mac" and 30 PostScript errors have been added, all explained in detail. The Pro version differs in the exportability of the report error for later analysis or to export the file to third parties. All errors concerning Mac OS X and the reason explained in "Mac OS X Advisory" within the Black & Bleu folder have been eliminated: we are unable to list all the problems of the new operating system, this is the synthesis of a long letter that proves very unfriendly with Mac OS X, not at all easy to analyze with the combinations that are obtained between the various versions of CarbonLib and those of the OS.Not excluded that a carbonized version will be produced in the future. Recording Black & Bleu (1.8 MB) is not cheap, given the error support that ends with Mac OS 9.2.2: the standard version in electro form nica costs $ 29 (CD costs $ 41), the Pro version in electronic form costs $ 129 (CD costs $ 141).

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