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The Digital Video Tour of Apple and partners starts today

Here's what you can see during the demo-open house in partnership with Adobe, Lacie, Digital Voodoo, Pinnacle, SmartSound, Steinberg …

Digital Video Professionals looking for capture, editing, compositing and special effects creation features on Macintosh can count on a complete and quality post-production station based on Power Macintosh G4 and Mac OS X.

Real-time editing Final Cut Pro 3.0 offers a revolutionary real-time editing functionality without the aid of hardware accessories, simply by exploiting the full power of G4 and Velocity Engine. Transitions, fades, titrations and color corrections immediately available without rendering.

Color Correction Brand new tools for color correction in Final Cut Pro 3.0 to adjust and balance shades. And again, accurate controls of the video signal via waveform and vectorscope.

Compositing and Effects In combination with third-party software such as After Effects and Commotion, Final Cut Pro significantly expands the range of compositing and SFX functions to easily obtain high-level visual effects and animations.

Audio Treatment Just a simple command to export audio tracks from Final Cut Pro to Nuendo and thus have advanced surround mixing functions, infinite undo and unprecedented processing management. In addition, Sonicfire's intuitive interface allows you to easily create your own soundtracks.

Titles DVD-VideoDVD Studio Pro the ideal and revolutionary solution for DVD authoring. The new workstations equipped with SuperDrive allow you to directly produce a DVD for use with commercially available DVD video players.

After today's meeting in Naples it will be the turn of?. Rome 21 February, Thursday, 2.00 pm Musicarte srle then? .Calcinaia (PI) – Hotel Calamidoro Centro Torretta White – tel 0587-297111, also with the new iMac, 22 February, Friday, 2.00 pm organized by Data Port srl … Modena February 25, Monday, 2.00 pm Spel spaPadova February 26, Tuesday, 2.30 pm ABC Padova srl ??Milan February 27, Wednesday, 2.00 pm Eye Like srl Turin 28 February, Thursday, 2.00 pm Rekordata Ltd …

for more information and to register, visit this page of the digitalculture website