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The best webcams on the market: buying guide

What are the best webcams on the market and how to choose them? A very popular and appreciated technological accessory is that of webcam, or those devices with which make video calls and in the case of HD webcams, also for shooting videos. In this buying guide we are going to see three important aspects of the question: what are the best HD webcams, why choose this device and what are the criteria on which to make a comparison.

Best HD webcams

The best webcams on the market: classic or HD?

Let's start from the purpose: why choose an HD webcam over a classic model? Answering this question can also allow us to identify in which market segment we want to orient ourselves. There is a noticeable difference between a device addressed to professional videoconferences and one that can be used to talk to loved ones in the evening. If in the second case a cheap webcam is enough, in the case of use in the workplace the situation is significantly different. These types of use are then added to that of videomaker (be it YouTuberor less) which, in turn, have other types of needs.

Even just for a matter of professionalism, showing up in a video conference with a "pixellated" effect or with a bad quality, can give a really bad idea of ​​our person. In order to better cope with this kind of shooting, therefore, you can rely on HD devices. In addition to several features, which we will analyze later, what differentiates the standard products from those in HD are the costs. A basic webcam can easily cost less than 20 euros. A professional, by contrast, can exceed a hundred.

In this article we will try to shed light on the main features of the best webcams on the market to understand which models can be most useful for our purposes. To facilitate the choice, we have also prepared a roundup with some of the most interesting devices in the sector with peculiarities that, based on certain contexts, are the most suitable for certain targets.

HD webcam

Integrated notebook and webcam

Today, also given the technological evolution, all notebooks are equipped with webcams. Unless particularly advanced models, it is difficult to find a high profile webcam mounted on a laptop. Therefore, for particular needs related to the professional sphere, it may still be useful to adopt an external device and prefer it over the hardware already present on the device. Different speech, however, with regard to fixed PCs. In this case, in fact, it is always necessary to purchase an external webcam.

Technical features

Technical features: HD webcam

How to understand which is the best webcam to buy? As easily understood, much depends on the use that is intended to be made of this device. In fact, there is no model that is absolutely better than the others, even if some products are proposed as optimal for some specific areas. Beyond the price parameter, the first peculiarity on which to focus well is physical quality of the lenses.

The workmanship and materials used for the construction are very important elements in this sense and considerably affect the quality of the images captured. In addition to this element, the capacity of the zoom, in addition toviewing angle and the ability of the device to rotate or less. These elements allow you to have both more beautiful shots and images, but also to take advantage of greater freedom of recovery, an aspect not to be overlooked or underestimated. These real subtleties for, as already mentioned, are particularly suitable for those who want to make advanced use of webcams and therefore, significantly affect the coasts of the same.

Best HD webcams: the resolution

Of course then, the resolution plays a very important role in the selection phase. Specifically, HD webcams are now considered practically a standard in this sector. In this sense, the discussion does not differ much from the considerations that can be made with regard to smartphone cameras. When a webcam presents a 720p resolution can be considered HD, while when it reaches the 1080p resolution considerable as Full High-Definition (Full HD).

As easily understood, webcams can also be used to take photographs. In this case, you can also consider the photographic resolution, using a type of unit that, even in this case, will not sound new to smartphone enthusiasts (i.e. the Megapixel).

Fluidity and autofocus

Another type of feature too often underestimates fluidity. In this sense, those who used the first webcams on the market knew well how the images were reproduced in jerks. It was due to the frame rate or rather ai FPS (frame per second). This terminology, this time well known to gamers, defines the fluidity of a video transmission. Another peculiarity that should not be forgotten is the auto focus. This feature, often not present in the cheaper models, allows you to automatically adjust the focus of the faces and people framed by the webcam.

And if you intend to use the device in semi-dark conditions, you should also focus on a possible one integrated light or in any case a product capable of making night shots. This characteristic is not indispensable and, unless special needs, can be snubbed without special precautions.

HD webcam focus

Microphones and software

We conclude the roundup of features that can determine whether a product can be among the best webcams on the market or not, with two not salient but still interesting features to deal with. The first in this sense is the integrated microphone, the quality of which must be carefully evaluated since any type of video chat or video conference also requires an adequate audio compartment to communicate better. In that sense, microphones can turn outunidirectional or omnidirectional, with the latter better as capable of capturing the audio from any point it comes. The ability of the microphone to filter sounds is also very important, so that the device can eliminate background noise and allow the interlocutor to listen without any kind of discomfort.

Finally, well spend just a few words for the compatibility to the software. Although most devices fully compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, it is always better to take a quick look to avoid unpleasant surprises. The medium or high quality webcams then usually have special programs that allow you to refine the shots, add special effects and change the settings of the shots.

The best webcam models currently on the market

Choose an HD webcam

In choosing and selecting the best HD webcams we have taken into account several aspects. First of all the budget, offering models of different prices, but all with an excellent quality-price ratio in relation to the technical characteristics offered. The other criterion of choice was to offer useful buying advice for different purposes, offering different top of the range models in their respective categories.


Best HD webcams: AUKEY 2K PC-LM1A

One of the best webcams ever AUKEY 2K PC-LM1A, a device compatible not only with Mac and Windows systems, but also with Android ones. It is a webcam with integrated microphone, manual focus (up to three meters), automatic brightness adjustment, but above all equipped with a 2K video resolution (2048 x 1536 pixels) with sensor 1/3 CMOS. Also noteworthy is the great fluidity and the wide field of view of 80.

The installation of this extremely simple HD webcam. It is not necessary to rely on any software or drivers for installation: connect the device through a common USB port all you need to use it. In the same way, positioning is also extremely simple since it is possible to fix the AUKEY product on any screen, on the desk or on a practical tripod. Finally, a detail that can please those who particularly care about their privacy should be underlined: with the press of a button it is possible to obscure the webcam, avoiding prying eyes of hackers or similar characters.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio

Best HD webcams: Microsoft LifeCam Studio

Now let's move on to a professional webcam, or the Microsoft LifeCam Studio. We are talking about a device with a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) equipped with a wide field of view and an impressive autofocus ranging from a distance of 10 centimeters upwards. also present the TrueColor technology for automatic exposure adjustment, certification Skype for Business and a broadband microphone that gives crazy sound fidelity. Given the manufacturer, Microsoft LifeCam Studio is a product compatible with almost any type of computer that uses a Windows operating system (from Windows 7 onwards). As easy to guess, it is a webcam model particularly recommended for business and professional use.


Best HD webcams: AUKEY PC-LM1

Let's go back to an AAUKEY webcam, this time the PC-LM1, which in our review we defined as the best budget FullHD webcam. It is actually a product with a truly enviable quality / price ratio, which makes it particularly attractive for practically any type of user. Strong 1080p high definition resolution, it can boast good optics and a 1/3 ″ CMOS sensor for smooth and stable images. The photos reach a resolution of 2MP, the viewing angle p of 55 and also in this case we have the possibility to use the webcam with both Windows, Mac and Android devices.

The built-in double microphone manages with some effectiveness to reduce background noise, allowing you to communicate with the interlocutor without particular difficulties. Finally, as with the previous AUKEY model, also in this case the webcam is adaptable both for positioning on a desk and for hooking onto a monitor.

3D webcam Minoru

Best HD webcams: 3D Minoru webcam

Let's go then to examine a rather singular model, namely the 3D Minoru Webcam. Beyond an extravagant design to say the least, this device has characteristics that make it almost unique in this sector. Through it, in fact, it is possible to execute three-dimensional chats. Labbiamo is included in this purchase guide due to the technological particularity offered, even if it has some rather obvious technical limits.

The resolution, for example, is not decidedly optimal (800 x 600 pixels), while manual focus. Fully compatible with Skype, Live Messenger is AOL Instant Messenger (as long as you work in a Windows environment), the package also includes 5 pairs of 3D glasses for use with the webcam.

Minoru - 3D webcam

Logitech C922 Pro Stream

Best HD webcams: Logitech C922 Pro Stream

Among the best webcams ever, we also find the Logitech C922 Pro Stream, a model recommended for video game lovers. The resolution of this Full HD webcam, with automatic brightness correction, automatic autofocus and two omnidirectional microphones. Also noteworthy is the support for 720p streaming at 60 fps (or 1080p with limitation at 30 fps) which allows a transmission of video data of very high fluidity.

The software supplied allows you to replace the background of a video recording during direct YouTube or during video recordings. While being particularly useful, it takes a little practice to be able to master this program efficiently. In the package there is also a comfortable tripod with rotating support (although there is a version that does not have one and therefore costs slightly less). The Logitech product we are talking about is ideal for gamers, streamers, videomakers and for those entering the world of online videos.