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The 10 best OneNote alternatives that you can use

Microsoft OneNote one of the best note-taking apps. I mean, the feature-rich app, available on different platforms and free. That said, despite bringing so many good qualities, the app isn't for everyone. For example, the app is too complex for beginners and requires the creation of a Microsoft account if you want to sync notes on devices, with which some users may not be comfortable. My biggest complaint with OneNote which requires too much space on my devices and too heavy on resources. I mean, a clipboard app shouldn't tax my devices that much. So, for these reasons or for some of yours, if you are looking for a OneNote alternative, you are in the right place, because we offer you the 10 best OneNote alternatives that you can use:

The best OneNote alternatives

1. Evernote

Evernote probably the most popular clipboard app and the best OneNote alternative. The app offers all the features you can think of and one of the most complete note apps you can find . One of the best things about using Evernote is that it is an app that can be trusted for decades. It allows you to fully invest yourself in the app and structure it the way you want, as you know you won't have to do it just for a few years. Coming to the functionality of the app, I like how it allows us to organize our notes in different notebooks. You can even create stacks of notebooks that are great if you have as many notes as I have.

One of my favorite Evernote features which makes it really easy to share your notes with your classmates, friends or colleagues to help you collaborate on the notes. Evernote has by far the best collaboration feature of any clipboard application I've used . In addition to personal use, Evernote is also great for business use as it allows team members to collaborate on ideas, share research material, manage projects and more. Recently, Evernote launched a new "Spaces" feature which makes it really easy for team members to work together.

As you can see, there is a lot I like here, and I just scratched the surface. There are many other features such as a web-clipper that allows you to easily save links and web articles, the possibility of insert your notes in text, audio or images, optical character recognition that allows you to search for text within images, password-protected notes and more. The bottom line if you want the best OneNote alternative, Evernote for you.

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web, watchOS, Android Wear, Chrome OS

Price: Evernote Basic (free), Evernote Premium ($ 69.99 / year), Evernote Business ($ 14.99 / user / month)

Visit the website

2. Simplenote

Simplenote, as the name suggests, a really simple note-taking app that works. If you are a person looking for a simple note-taking app that offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface, Simplenote is for you. Personally I am a fan of Simplenote, only for the fact that easy to use and how my notes are synchronized instantly on all devices without having to do anything. Simplenote allows you to easily create notes, reminders, to-do lists and more. I like Simplenote's clean user interface, which is a breath of fresh air compared to OneNote's complex and clumsy user interface. I also like the fact that it comes in a dark mode. For me, Simplenote is a place where I can exchange ideas because it gives me a distraction-free environment that allows me to flow ideas.

One of the biggest advantages of Simplenote that unlike OneNote, which is heavy on system resources, is only a few MB in size and does not charge your device. This allows you to easily run this app even on devices that are a few years old. When it comes to organizing notes, Simplenote brings a tagging system . Tags act like a folder and since a note can have multiple tags, it can exist in multiple folders. I love this non-hierarchical organization as it makes organizing your notes really easy. Finally, also one of the few apps that bring a native Linux app. Plus, I told you that you get all these features absolutely free.

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux (.deb), Linux (.tar.gz), Android, iOS, Web

Price: free

Visit the website

3. Laverna

If you are concerned about your privacy and do not trust private companies like Mircorsoft with your data, Laverna is the right application for you. Laverna is an open source note collection app that focuses on user privacy as it offers end-to-end encryption and a password-protected vault that contains all your notes. The app is really easy to use and allows you to create simple text notes synchronized on devices that use a Dropbox or RemoteStorage account. I love its no frills and simple user interface that never interferes with your taking notes. That said, simplicity also means that Laverna isn't as feature-rich as OneNote. For example, you cannot add images or voice notes here.

Laverna compensates for shortcomings by bringing unique characteristics. One of my favorite Laverna features that aren't present in OneNote support for changing the markdown. The markdown editing feature allows me to format my text without having to lift my finger from the keyboard. If you've read my previous articles, you know I love the markdown montage and I'm glad it's here. If you are just starting to learn the markdown, you will be happy to know that Laverna shows a real-time preview of the texts so that you can easily correct any formatting errors. Other features include the ability to create to-do lists, code highlighting and more.

Supported platforms: Windows x32, Windows x64, macOS, Linux x32, Linux x64, Android (coming soon)

Price: free

Visit the website

4. Google Keep

Google Keep offers a unique approach to taking notes and I really like it. The best part of using Google Keep that view all your notes in an easy-to-view colored tab interface which not only makes notes beautiful, but also allows you to easily scan the content of notes without having to open them. The ability to color code notes is an advantage for me as it allows me to easily find the notes I'm looking for. For example, all the red notes in my Google Keep are the ones I need to reach urgently.

Just like OneNote useful for a user of Microsoft products, Google Keep a Google product, it integrates seamlessly with other Google products and services. For example, the new Gmail web app has a sidebar that houses Google Keep, among other things. It allows me to transfer emails to notes or drafts of emails within notes and then simply copy and paste them into emails. The app also allows you to easily create to-do lists, regular lists, reminders, attach photos and more . Finally, Google Keep also includes a companion web clipper app like OneNote that allows you to save articles and links from the web. I love Google Keep and, if you try, I think you will love it too.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Web and Chrome OS

Price: free

Visit the website

5. Zoho notebook

Zoho Notebook is yet another annotation app available on all devices and a viable alternative to OneNote. What I love about Zoho Notebook is that despite bringing a great set of features, it remains the best note app on the market . I mean, if Evernote and Google Keep had a baby, it would be Zoho Notebook. The app allows you to easily create notebooks with covers that really look like a real notebook. Inside, you can create text notes, voice notes, add images and more. It also has a web clipping tool that allows you to save articles and links from the web.

Just like Google Keep, the app lets you color the code notes I love. You can also stack notes and scroll through them to access them. The ability to stack notes is quite interesting as it allows you to keep the general user interface fairly clean. I also like the fact that Zoho gives me more viewing options and I can choose the one I love most. One of my favorite OneNote features that comes with Zoho Notebook is the ability to sync my notes on unlimited devices without costing a cent. With Evernote, you can only sync your notes across two devices for free and if you want more, you need to get the premium version, which is not the case here. You should definitely try Zoho Notebook and see if it meets your needs or not.

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web

Price: free

Visit the website

6. Bear

If you only use Apple devices, Bear is probably the best note-taking app you can get. In fact, the app so beautiful that in 2017 it won the award for the best Apple app. There its markdown editing functionality combined with a clean and modern user interface makes it really easy to catch your thoughts . One of my favorite features of Bear is its tagging system. Unlike OneNote, where tags feel like an afterthought, tagging is the core of Bear. Bear allows users to easily organize notes using a series of tags that act as folders. This means that, just like on Simplenote, your notes can live in multiple folders.

My other favorite Bear feature that allows you to use markdown editing which makes formatting your notes really easy. Bear also a shiny app which means it starts faster, never crashes, syncs instantly and it looks very useful indeed. Finally, Bear also allows you to easily export notes in various formats including PDF, JPG, HTML, RTF and more. Once you use Bear, it's really hard to go back. I fell in love with its clean design and smooth performance and it definitely deserves a place on this list.

Supported platforms: macOS, iOS, watchOS

Price: free, $ 14.99 / month

Visit the website

7. Elephant

Elephant the open-source version of the popular Evernote application. The app feels exactly like Evernote and follows an organizational structure almost similar to that of Evernote. Just like Evernote, you can create individual notes, save them in a notebook and create a stack of notebooks . However, unlike Evernote, your notes are saved on your device and your notes synced to the cloud.

Depending on your preferences, it could be a good or bad thing. People who want their notes to be available on multiple devices will be happy to know that they can do this using third-party services like Dropbox, Github and more. Syncing may not be as simple as in OneNote, however, there if you need it. The only major disadvantage of using Elephant which, unlike OneNote, does not come with mobile apps which could be challenging for many users.

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Price: free

Visit the website

8. Turtl

Just like Laverna, Turtl is a note-taking app that focuses on privacy. Turtl acts as a vault where you can store notes, searches, passwords, bookmarks, dream logs, photos, documents and anything else you want to keep safe. When you create an account on Turtl, use your password to create an encryption key and use it to encrypt all your data which you can access only using your password.

One of the best things about using Turtl which, despite being a secure deposit, allows you to easily share your notes with anyone you want. Finally, Turtl allows you to organize the notes inside the notebooks which it calls "Cards" . Turtl also allows users to keep a game board inside a chessboard, giving them greater organizational powers. I accept that Turtl is not as powerful as OneNote, however, not meant for users looking for functionality, but for users who want privacy. If you love your privacy, you should definitely try this.

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS (coming soon)

Price: free

Visit the website

9. Keep It

Another note-taking app that is only available for macOS and iOS devices "Keep It", developed by the guys from "Reinvented Software", who also developed the now defunct "Together 3" note-taking app for Mac. like OneNote, Keep It a very powerful app that allows you to easily create and organize notes . However, unlike OneNote, Keep It is very light and doesn't take advantage of all the resources on your device.

Notes on Keep Can contain checklists, bulleted and numbered lists, images, links and other attachments. All your notes are synchronized on devices that use iCloud and can also be shared using the same. Where the app really shines when it comes to organizational structure. Not only can you organize your notes into folders, but you can also create packages, layers and lists, each of which carries a different organizational scheme. I really like Keep It and I urge you to try it if you own a Mac and an iPhone.

Supported platforms: macOS, iOS

Price: $ 49.99

Visit the website

10. CintaNotes

If taking notes for you means creating a knowledge base where you can keep everything you want and make it easily searchable, CintaNotes for you. The premise of using CintaNotes that not only are you typing notes, but you acquire notes from the Web, PDF, ebook and any other place simply by highlighting the text you need and using a simple combination of keyboards. In this regard, CintaNotes is much more than OneNote. One of the greatest features of CinatNotes that you can connect notes to each other thus creating your own personal wiki of notes, something you cannot do with OneNote.

The search for notes is also very simple since Cintanotes supports the sophisticated search query syntax which is much more powerful than that offered by OneNote. There is much more that CintaNotes does which OneNote along with other apps taken on this list can't do, including things like letting you configure several hotkeys, dividing notebooks into sections, hierarchical tags, auto-tagging rules and more. CintaNotes is more than just your notes, basically a repository for all your data that you can access whenever you want.

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web

Price: free, $ 39 / year, $ 119 for a lifetime

Visit the website

Alternative OneNote: the best note apps you should use

This concludes our list of the best note-taking apps that you can replace Microsoft OneNote for yourself. I have tried to include apps that should meet the needs of most readers. Whether you are looking for a feature-rich note app or a simple one, you will find it here. Check the list and let us know which is your favorite app to take notes among all. Also, if you are already using an app you love but not in the list, share with us by writing in the comments section below.