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Supermarket 24, the Samsung refrigerator also does the shopping

Supermarket 24, the Italian start-up that allows users to shop online with home delivery, has announced an agreement with Samsung that will allow users to shop online directly from the South Korean company's refrigerator.

The system was already visible at one of the Samsung stands at IFA 2016 in Berlin: in essence the refrigerator integrates a touch screen with the Supermarket 24 application installed. By interacting with the screen it is possible to start adding the products that are missing or are out of stock in the your fridge and send the order comfortably from the appliance (after connecting to the Internet).

Below is a gallery of images of Samsung models for the European market: these are the most popular single-door classics of the large double doors marketed in the USA and shown at CES 2016.

The Samsung refrigerator not only integrates the external display but also a series of internal cameras and sensors; one day, therefore, it will be possible to achieve a closer integration between the refrigerator and the app and it will thus be possible, for example, to automatically add foods to the shopping list as they run out of shelves. Thinking about the whole refrigerator and the user will only have to check the list and send the order online.

supermarket 24

"The agreement goes exactly in the direction of Supermercato24" said Enrico Pandian, founder of Supermercato 24 "We are an ecommerce service that delivers in no time but we also know that the user would not even want to think about what he puts in the shopping cart. The reasoning is this: if I have to lose 10 minutes for this, I might as well go to the store. "

Supermercato 24 boasts 250 thousand registered users and a turnover of 750 thousand euros for 2015, which could become 5 million for the current year. Below is the video presentation of the service.