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Steinberg launches a new service for HALion users

Steinberg launches a new service for HALion users – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Steinberg launched a new service for HALion users on February 18. In partnership with Wizoo, the company has unveiled two new sites, and

The huge online libraries offer a high quantity of high quality samples for users of the Steinberg software sampler, HALion. The chosen samples can be downloaded or a CD can be made, effectively creating an alternative to commercial sample CDs. This way you pay the samples you really need and they can also be downloaded in real-time from the Internet for immediate use in the studio. The online library contains 11 categories, including Drums & Percussion, Basses and Guitars, Keyboards and Pianos, Voices and Choirs, Wind and String instruments, Loops and Phrases. For users with a slow connection offers iCDs: the chosen samples will be burned on CD ROM and sent to the customer.

(By Daniele Volpin)

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