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SoundCloud Downloader Pro: listen and download MP3 songs for free on iPhone, iPod and iPad

marzo 21, 2020


ConSoundCloud Downloader Pro will be like having a Premium subscription to Spotify completely free of charge.

Streaming and offline music on iPhone, iPod and iPad with SoundCloud Downloader Pro

Today I present a truly exceptional and incredible program that all iPhone, iPod and iPad owners should download and install on their devices. Today we talk aboutSoundCloud Downloader Pro.

As easy to guess from the name, SoundCloud Downloader Pro allows you to:

  • listen to free music and songs on SoundCloud
  • free download songs from SoundCloud
  • listen to music offline without internet connection on SoundCloud.

With this program, in practice, it will be like having a premium subscription to Spotify completely free of charge. In fact, you will have almost all the same features of Spotify Premium without having to spend a single penny, given thatSoundCloud Downloader Pro can be downloaded directly from the AppStore. But let's see in detail how this SoundCloud Downloader Pro works.

SoundCloud Downloader Pro is a really valid alternative to all the various services that allow you to listen to streaming music: Spotify, Deezer and all the others. Contrary to other similar software, however, SoundCloud Downloader Pro also offers advanced functions such as the ability to download songs on iPhone, iPod and iPad to listen to them offline, even when there is no internet connection.

For those unfamiliar with SoundCloud, let's make a brief introduction.

SoundCloud undoubtedly one of the most popular and used music streaming services today. It allows artists to upload their own songs and make them listen to millions of people all over the world for free. In addition to many "social" features, SoundCloud also allows users to download songs to listen to them offline. really comfortable. Obviously on the App Store the official SoundCloud application, but this does not allow the download of the songs directly on Apple devices.

Now, thanks to the appSoundCloud Downloader Pro you can finally download the songs and listen to the offline modes too. It is precisely on the latter point that lapp expresses all its usability.

The basic version ofSoundCloud Download Pro, available on the App Store for free, allows you to download the music on your iDevice and through the special player integrated in the app. Recall for thatnot all songs can be downloaded, but only those explicitly granted by the authors. In case atrackmusic does not have the necessary permits for thedownload, however you can listen to the song directly instreamingusing your internet connection.

Lgraphic interfaceof this simple, intuitive and full iOS 7 style. Through an internal search it is possible to identify single music tracks or all those belonging to a specific artist. To find out which tracks are available for download, you can activate a specific onefilter.

The version ofSoundCloud Download Proavailable on the App Store can bedownloaded for free, but it is a basic version that allows you to download only songs with a certain audio quality. To get the most, thecomplete version, purchasable through in-app at the modest price of 1.79. Therefull versionit also activates other very interesting features such as inbackgrounded audio playback and the main controls also accessible via the lockscreen.

Here are the main onesfeaturesSoftware An:

  • Discover and search directly on SoundCloud
  • HIGH quality
  • Downloadermanager (Wi-Fi and mobile)
  • Integrated music player
  • Show song titles and artists
  • Album graphics
  • Shuffle function
  • AirPlay support
  • Lock screen controls
  • Background playback

SoundCloud Downloader Pro, to be honest, had already been available for some time on the App Store for Apple devices. In recent days, the program has also been updated graphically and, among the main novelties, full compatibility with Apple's iPad has arrived.

All interested parties can proceed with the free download of the app by clicking here: Link App Store Price FREE!

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